6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World

I think we can all agree that some people are born different. Whether it’s their unique appearance, unusual talents, or a peculiar condition, these children are unlike anyone we’ve ever seen before. Some of them gain huge popularity through YouTube and Internet, while others remain known only to their local communities. Luckily, these gems are being discovered from time to time, so the whole world could marvel at their beauty and uniqueness. Here are 6 of the most unusual kids in the world.


Nariyana, also known as Snow White, is an 8-year-old albino girl from the Sakha Republic in Yakutia. Her amazing appearance speaks for itself! With porcelain skin, white hair, fair eyelashes, and purplish eyes she looks like a creature from a fairy-tale. Nevertheless, she’s just a girl with a knack for artistic things.

Nariyana | 6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World | Zestradar

Jare Ijalana

This Nigerian 6-year-old beauty shot to fame almost by accident, and now the whole world is grateful for this! Jare was first photographed at the age of 5 by a wedding photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa, who later posted a few shots on his Instagram, starting a craze over the girl’s beauty. Everyone wanted to know who she was! Jare Ijalana has received the title of the most beautiful girl in the world and is now striving to start a modelling career. We wish her and her gorgeous sisters, Jobs and Jomiloju, all the best!
Jare Ijalana | 6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World | Zestradar

Tessa Evans

Meet Tessa Evans, a cheerful toddler who was born without a nose. The condition is called congenital arhinia and it is beyond rare, appearing in 1 baby out of a million. Nevertheless, here she is, a baby girl born without nose, sinus cavities, and sense of smell! Her parents started doing transformative operations almost immediately, having the medics create special 3D implants that are being changed every few years. Once she grows older it’ll be possible to create a permanent implant and make it look like a real nose with special medically tattooed nostrils and shadows. But for now Tessa has to breathe via a tracheostomy tube in her neck.
Tessa Evans | 6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World | Zestradar

Millianna Worthy

Have you ever seen a baby with a Cruella de Vil-esque hairstyle? Nope, didn’t think so. Or a grown-up woman for that matter! Yet here is little Millianna Worthy and her mom, Brianna, who sport the same cool look. Brianna says this unique feature has been in her family for at least four generations, maybe more! The effect is caused by poliosis – a lack of pigment in the skin and hair that makes it colourless.
Millianna Worthy | 6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World | Zestradar

Madden Humphreys

Madden Humphreys, a lively 8-year-old boy from Oklahoma, was born with heterochromia iridium as well as a bilateral cleft lip and palate. He wasn’t feeling any different from everyone else, until classmates started bullying him at school for his different eye colour and scar from the repair surgery. Later his mom Christina found a cat on Facebook with the same condition her boy had and she quickly understood the two were meant to be together. The meet-up happened and now Madden and Moon the cat are living together happily.
Madden Humphreys | 6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World | Zestradar

Lalit Patidar

Lalit Patidar is a cheerful Indian teen born with an extremely rare condition called congenital hypertrichosis (also known as ‘werewolf syndrome’). His whole body is covered in hair and it grows in places where it’s not supposed to – like his face. Right now Lalit is 13 and has come to terms with his unusual looks, yet he admits that he dreams about having some kind of surgery that will make him look normal. He’s often bullied for the way he looks, especially out of his native village, and people call him names. Yet all Lalit wants is to become friends with everyone! He dreams about growing up to work as an honest policeman to support his mother and father who have done so much for him.

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