14 Cosy Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You

Some people think of bedrooms are simply a place to sleep. A room you go to blackout and hallucinate wildly for 8 hours straight. But we believe bedrooms are a place where you rest, the place that makes your body relax and a place that puts your mind at ease. So making it as comfortable and cosy as possible is key. Here are some ideas on how you can make your bedroom feel like the best place on earth.
1. If you like the idea of fairy-like tents but don’t actually want to go camping this bedroom idea should be right up your street. There are wooden elements, there are plants, but it’s still a soft and cosy bed.
2. Speaking of plants, a shelf of plants above your headboard can add a little something to the room and make you feel more at one with nature and like you’re sleeping in a beautiful forest.
3. Alternatively, you can have sope plants coming up from behind the bed creating a green headboard. Or you can hang them above the bed for that jungle look.

4. Speaking of jungle themes, a four-poster bed but made out of wood and vines, who wouldn’t want to sleep in that tropical heaven.
5. If you prefer flowers you can always put those up on the wall. Of course, real ones would wilt but fake ones create a beautiful overall impression too.

6.If you like the idea of feeling like a princess in a magical woodland setting this king of bedroom decor is probably what you’re looking for.
7. Some people really like that bohemian look for their bedroom. And can you blame them? All those pillows and plush carpets. It’s the epitome of cosy.
8. Here’s a unique idea, if you like rocking chairs and find them calming, perhaps you’d like a suspended swing bed? So you can rock yourself to sleep.

9. Beds with a wooden pallet frame are very rustic and cosy looking and they add a certain DIY charm to the bedroom.
10. It’s not just fabric that you can hang on the four-poster bed, you can make it way more modern and loft in style by leaving the metal framework exposed and just adding some twinkling light bulbs.

11. A forest accent wall always works well in the bedroom. Many people find it calming and grounding plus it looks hella cool too.
12. Another cool way to make the bedroom look cosy is to have a framed piece of some vintage wallpaper as the accent wall. It just looks so fancy and royal and yet so cosy at the same time. I call it cosy queen vibes.

13. Perhaps your idea of a perfect bedroom is all soft white and fluffy? We got you covered. Mixing up all sorts of soft textures and keeping the colors light will make your bedroom look like a piece of heaven.
14. Lighting is what makes the biggest difference when it comes to the mood of the room. So if you want that magical, cosmic, fairy-tale kind of feeling, fairy lights might be the way to go. Light projectors that make the room all spacy are big mood too.

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