10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump certainly has no problem buying designer outfits, money is not an issue for the second oldest child of Donald Trump. Her net worth is estimated to be over $300k. However, it’s been said that since her father decided to become a president of the US, she’s been working with a celebrity stylist to achieve a specific look. 

You can’t exactly wear just anything when you’re the daughter of the president. You have to look a certain way, there are rules and style choices that have to be followed to look dignified. So let’s take a look at some of Ivanka’s style choices, what her best looks and how she’s been presenting herself as a person of political importance. She’s a white house representative at the end of the day.

1. Let’s start with this fire red Carolina Herera coat dress she wore in Washington DC for the USMCA agreement. The estimated cost of this coat is around $3000. If the color of it wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, the cost definitely is.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump | Her Beauty

2. This figure-hugging white dress with black detail is certainly an interesting choice. It accentuates her figure but is still long and business-like enough to be seen as stylish yet professional.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #2 | Her Beauty

3. Here’s a look Ivanka wore to the state dinner in 2018. She wore a pink dress with a cape by Alex Perry, which cost over $2000 and a pair of sparkly bejewelled Jimmy Choo heels estimating at almost $1000. She certainly doesn’t mind standing out in a room or, dare we say, towering over other guests.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #3 | Her Beauty

4. It’s not often that we get to see people wearing jumpsuits or boiler suits in the White House, so this beige one that Ivanka wore for one of the COVID related press-conferences definitely made a lasting impression.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #4 | Her Beauty

5. When in Britain…well clearly Ivanka chose to dress up as if she’s a member of the royal family. This look cost around $3000 and was designed by Alessandra Rich, who is no stranger to making clothes for the British royals.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #5 | Her Beauty

6. Ivanka likes to dress up when she’s travelling. So on her visit to Seoul, South Korea in the summer of 2019 she wore this fitted light blue dress with a very interesting cape. It’s giving us strong space force vibes.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #6 | Her Beauty

7. Here’s another beautiful creation by Carolina Herrera. Ivanka wore this intricate blue dress when visiting the UK, and we can’t deny the fact that she dressed the part for the important royal family events. Plus that dress is a work of art, with all the little embellishments and details.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #7 | Her Beauty

8. Guess what designer Ivanka went with for the Liberty Inauguration ball in 2017? Yup, it’s Carolina Herrera again. It’s got to be one of her favourite designers since she’ll often wear her creations for big important events.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #8 | Her Beauty

9. Here’s a little throwback to Ivanka’s fashion back in 2015. This is a dress she wore to the Tribeca Film festival party in New York. Certainly a brave choice, risque but flattering and stylish. She obviously can’t wear things like this now that she’s the daughter of the president, but it’s interesting to see how her style has evolved over the years.

10. And finally here’s an interesting outfit she chose for visiting the downing street when she was in London. She clearly likes making a lasting impression when she travels outside of the US. This sheer patterned blouse and skirt combo paired with Burberry shoes come to about $3000 for the look. Was it the best idea to wear something sheer for this occasion, we can’t say, but it definitely was attention-grabbing.

10 Best Looks Of Ivanka Trump #10 | Her Beauty
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