12 Ways To Heal From A Breakup Faster


Going through a breakup is never easy – sometimes it feels as though that heartache will never end. Although time is the best healer of all, there are some hacks to make you feel better and start you on the path to moving on.

1. Support is everything. Women get each other through these tough times, as they always have. Hang out with your friends that make you feel strong, believe in you, and remind you all your positive attributes. You still matter and BFFs remind you of that, even if a BF couldn’t.

2. On another note, always have a BFF who can see the signs that you’re about to drunk text, and is ready to confiscate your phone like a ruthless teacher. Drunk texting is a total back slide, and your friend can help keep your journey of growth on track.

3. Buy yourself flowers. And keep buying them. Use the life cycle of these flowers as a way to measure emotional milestones. By the time the first bouquet wilts, you’ll already feel better. We suggest roses, since you deserve it.

4. Although we don’t. suggest eating your feelings as a daily form of recovery (that can turn into an unhealthy emotional eating pitfall), but know that eating the ingredient tryptophan can cause a naturally calming feeling. It can be found in milk, turkey, cheese, yogurt, or the all time classic, ice cream.

Buy yourself flowers | 12 Ways To Heal From A Breakup Faster | Her Beauty

5. Take up a boxing class, or visit a rage room. A rage room is a room where you basically get to destroy everything in it and pretend it’s your ex’s house. This helps you externalize your aggressive and give you an outlet for negative energies post-breakup.

6. It’s easy to want to stay friends with your ex after a breakup. After all, they know you better than anyone else, right? Wrong. In this dynamic, usually one person wants to be friends while the other wants something more, which is definitely not a healthy friendship. Cut off contact and sort your baggage out first.

Take up a boxing class | 12 Ways To Heal From A Breakup Faster | Her Beauty

7. If you do decide to let another man into your heart instead of just your bed, remember to take it slowly, so that you don’t fall into a second breakup right after the first one. Keep it casual, then evaluate how ready you are.

8. Instead of scrolling through your feed and looking at depressing pictures of happy couples, go for a hike. Spending at least a couple of hours outside and being around the sun is proven to improve your mood. If you live somewhere chronically rainy, take a tropical vacation.

Go for a hike | 12 Ways To Heal From A Breakup Faster | Her Beauty

9. Rebound with a gorgeous guy. Men do it all the time without feeling any shame, why can’t we? Take as much reflective alone time as you need, but that alone time can come before or after a stunning six-pack. You call.

10. Block their social media accounts. A social media blackout will stop you from thinking about them as frequently. It’s help you stop putting on IG story performances that flaunt how much better you’re doing, and instead… actually start doing better!

Rebound with a gorgeous guy | 12 Ways To Heal From A Breakup Faster | Her Beauty

11. Rearrange your furniture and your home. This includes purging your house of things that remind you of the relationship, or sentimental souvenirs, otherwise known as “relationship junk.” Make space for those new memories in your home.

12. Eat alone. As women, we’re often uncomfortable eating by ourselves, but there’s some serious joy in chowing down on Pad Thai in silence, by yourself, and free of judgement. This is a big part of the recovery process and if you can become ok with the feeling of being alone, you’ve already taken a big step.

Eat alone | 12 Ways To Heal From A Breakup Faster | Her Beauty

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