15 Reasons You Should Gloss Your Hair Instead Of Dyeing It

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Is your hair looking dull? If you want to jazz it up before dreary winter comes your way, don’t think about dyeing that gorgeous head of hair. Instead, gloss it! You might have never heard of a hair gloss before, but it’s taking the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. A hair gloss is essentially a dye job minus the long-term commitment. If you want to dye your hair but have trouble maintaining color or that tone is just off, a hair gloss can magically correct while adding a colorful vibrancy. Dye is tough on those strands, but your hair will never look healthier than after a gloss treatment. Here are all the reasons you should give them a try.

What exactly is a hair gloss?

A gloss is a temporary treatment that can boost your hair’s health and shade. They help even out tones and add shine. There are semi-permanent glosses, generally used in salons, which mix pigment and developer, unlike straight-up hair dye which just stains your precious locks.

1. Hair glossing can fine tune your shade’s evenness, taking out discolored looks or brassiness that no amount of purple shampoo can help.

2. Glosses can be customized and are usually mixed just for a client and their unique needs and hair type.

3. They have more of a subtle transformation that encourages shine but has a subtle, non-dramatic nature that most direct dyes don’t.

15 Reasons You Should Gloss Your Hair Instead Of Dyeing It | Her Beauty

4. Because it only takes approximately five minutes to half an hour. This time will range by hair porosity — thicker hair takes longer to grab, but on other hair types, a color might attach more easily. For such a gorgeous improvement to happen in a short amount of time (while breathing in minimal chemicals) sounds dreamy.

5. They last about a month if you use a color-safe conditioner and rinse in cold water, which is known to preserve colors.

15 Reasons You Should Gloss Your Hair Instead Of Dyeing It #2 | Her Beauty

6. You’re not just stuck to expensive in-salon treatment — there are plenty of at-home glasses that you can get a DIY gloss with, including Overtone, Redken, and Wella.

7. If you do dye your hair, it’s a good way to refresh that color tone naturally. When a dye has faded, it starts to look dull and sad. But a gloss adds a dimension while color correcting.

8. They make your hair look oh so shiny. This real-life IG filter can help you do that, regardless of whatever lighting you’re in. These formulas close the hair’s cuticle, creating a smooth surface for light to bounce off, so you have Victoria’s Secret model strands.

15 Reasons You Should Gloss Your Hair Instead Of Dyeing It #3 | Her Beauty

9. Because if you’re scared about coloring your hair, this is the perfect transition. Maybe you’re concerned the look won’t be as organic as you were hoping to. But the variations (and the amount you can tone them down) are practically endless.

10. If you want to keep your natural look but blend over grays a gloss’s tonal effect versus the harsh opaque nature of a dye is exactly what you’re looking for. This Is known as pigmented gloss. Don’t be scared to take the jump after gray — gloss is here to catch you!

15 Reasons You Should Gloss Your Hair Instead Of Dyeing It #4 | Her Beauty

11. Because it’s like a conditioning treatment combined with a coloring treatment which even has a conditioner-like effect and reduces frizz while moisturizing.

12. It’s less expensive than traditional colors and dying, so it can be used between dyes to save cash on necessary upkeep. Keeping things fresh doesn’t have to be so expensive.

13. Have highlights that are too intense or brassy? Gloss can rescue it! Get it as soon as you can after these highlights — some hairstylists finish off every color treatment with a gloss to “lock” in the color and tweak the tone to exactly what they want.

14. Glosses are great because you don’t have to change your natural hair color. There’s actually a gloss treatment known as “clear gloss” which doesn’t add artificial color and acts as a super intense conditioning treatment that lowers the pH of your hair temporarily. Apparently, the hair color brand Goldwell has a great clear gloss treatment.

15. It’s the ultimate “it” girl trend for fall, so instead of ruining your hair with conventional dyes, stay ahead of the trend with this contemporary look, which is going to be all about rich and sumptuous tones. For brunettes, this means either a decadent espresso, or perhaps lightening to a thick, amber honey tone. Blonds might want to go gold, while redheads will be looking for deep coppers and complex auburn shades.

15 Reasons You Should Gloss Your Hair Instead Of Dyeing It #6 | Her Beauty
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