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Let’s be real – sometimes, TV shows and movies set us up for failure in terms of relationship expectations. We all have an on-screen crush that we wish was bae, because they’re just so darn supportive and loyal with their own partners. It may not be realistic in the 2020 dating pool, but here are the most adorable boyfriends on television that will never disappoint you.

Jim Halpert, The Office

Jim and Pam were always an adorable couple, but we all have a special soft spot for the hilarious and deadpan tall drink of water that is Jim Halpert. John Krasinski is bae in every role he plays, but The office is definitely where millions of crushes originated. He might not be the classic climb-the-corporate-ladder success story, but he’s a humble family man and amazing husband. Most of us (single or taken) dream of having a Jim just because of his side-splitting sense of humor and pranks.

9 Best Sitcom Boyfriends | Her Beauty

Marshall Erikson, How I Met Your Mother

Talking about tall and funny men – how could we not follow up with Marshall Erikson of How I Met Your Mother? The other male characters in the show had questionable morals, but Marshall was always a loyal friend and partner to his wife Lily. In love since college, Marshall’s main focus is to make her happy, at all times, even if it means putting her needs above his own.

9 Best Sitcom Boyfriends #2 | Her Beauty

Nick Miller, New Girl

Nick Miller wasn’t always the ideal boyfriend. But he always had a good heart, and grew a lot over the different seasons. We know one thing: he was madly in love with Jessica Day since Day 1, he just didn’t know it. Nick was always Jess’s #1 cheerleader who supported and stayed by her side her through the craziest shenanigans.

9 Best Sitcom Boyfriends #3 | Her Beauty

Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World

As far as teen puppy love storylines go, there wasn’t a couple much cuter than Cory and Topanga. What makes this whole character even more swoon-worthy is that his morals and ethics are on point throughout the show. Unlike most high school boys, he doesn’t suck when it comes to how it treats his girlfriend. And Mr. Sweeney is always there to hook him up with some valuable advice.

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Michael Cordero Jr., Jane The Virgin

We were just as in love with Michael as Jane was. Maybe they didn’t get their happy ending, but it’s undeniable that Michael helped her grow. He was her first love and a romance for the ages. I mean, dude stuck with her when they still hadn’t consummated their relationship, even though she was pregnant with another man’s baby. His devotion was truly inspiring.

9 Best Sitcom Boyfriends #5 | Her Beauty

Chidi Anagonye, The Good Place

This one is recent, and still hurts. We’re still coming to terms with why they decided to cancel this gem of a show. All the actors had such incredible chemistry, but Eleanor and Chidi were one we’ll never forget. Like many of us hardened tough girls out there, we don’t let the sweet nerdy boy chip away at our hearts of stone. But Eleanor finally let Chidi in, and it was straight up magical. Especially with that bod and that brain.

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Ben Wyatt, Parks and Rec

We ship this political couple forever. One of our favorite qualities about Ben is how kind and blunt he is. His honesty never came off as too straightforward and rude – it just made you trust him. Honesty is a highly underrated character in a man. You might be pining after a muscly dude in an action movie, but who’s more likely to treat you well? The caring guy who just wants to put a smile on your face.

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Dylan Marshall, Modern Family

Haley had her share of trash boyfriends, and while Andy came close to treating her like the queen she is, Dylan is and always was the one, since day one. Also, he looked like all of our high school crushes, which definitely didn’t hurt. With all the craziness that goes down in that Modern Family, Dylan still steps up to be the ultimate family man when Haley gets pregnant with twin.

Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine Nine

Sure, he’s annoying at times, but at the end of the day, Jake Peralta is an amazing partner to Amy. Even though his impulses and immaturity can get the best of him sometimes. I mean, what makes him annoying at times is also what makes him so exciting to be with – every day is filled with spontaneity and adventure, so you’ll definitely never get bored. Those detective skills and handsome face are a pretty good part of this package deal as well.

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