Super Cars For Super Heroes

Super Heros need a proper car. You can’t transport yourself like the ordinary person if you’re training to be extraordinary. Thankfully, our car industry has evolved to the point where it’s perfectly possible to pick a super car for every superhero without having it look weird.


I should probably mention most of the superheroes in this list don’t actually need a car. But you know, it might be fun to speculate what they’d drive if they somehow lost their superpowers for a day. Happened to Superman back in the 80s. I can assure you he wished he had a car then.



Iron Man – Audi R8
We’ve seen Robert Downey Jr. drive it so often, it’s become somewhat impossible to not imagine Tony Stark driving one of these.


Professor Xavier – Rinspeed XchangE
This car can drive itself. Because, y’know, Xavier is bound to his wheelchair.

Dr. Doom – Bugatti Veyron
Before you get started on me: Dr. Doom has been a hero on certain occasions. Doom only serves Doom. And he drives his Bugatti while doing it.

The Hulk – Mercedes G500
It’s basically a slightly more classy hummer. And let’s be honest – that’s how we all feel about the Hulk.

Batman – Lamborghini Aventador
Again, we’ve seen Bruce Wayne drive Lamborghinis so often in the movies that it’s hard to imagine him driving anything else.

Superman – Ford GT
The best car for the best hero. Makes sense.

Silver Surfer – Glickenhaus SCG003
It’s fast, it’s lean, it’s silver. Well, silver-ish. Close enough for our surferfriend!

Nick Fury – Bentley Continental GT
That’s the kind of car you buy if you want people to look and say “he must be the boss of something”. Like S.H.I.E.L.D.


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