The Strangest WTF Moments In Reality TV


Reality TV is a guilty pleasure for some, and something to scoff at for others, but you can’t deny the fact that it has a massive impact on traditional media. Reality TV is what changed the public’s perceptions on so many things including family dynamics, social dynamics and it gave us the behind-the-scenes of show business. It also provided a lot of entertainment and even more truly bizarre moments. So, let’s take a look…

1. Kim Crying Over Diamond Earrings

When talking about reality TV, you have to start with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” You simply can’t deny the fact that they can be pretty hilarious. Remember the moment when Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean and started crying only to hear Kourtney say “Kim, people are dying” in order to show Kim some perspective. In the end, her sisters found the earring and it was all ok. 

2. Ozzy Osbourne vs Stray Cat

Another famous family that is known for having their own reality TV show were the Osbournes, and while there were many hilarious and bizarre moments on that show most of which centered around kids being outrageous and Sharon redecorating and Ozzy just being mind blown most of the time — our favorite was when Ozzy had to get a stray cat out of the house. You just don’t imagine celebs having to deal with stray cats on their antique mirrors, you know?

3. Big Brother Confusions

Remember that time in 2016 when Angie (David Bowie’s first wife) was on Big Brother and she got the news that David died? It was a sad moment, but it also caused a lot of confusion when she tried to tell the news to her housemate and just said “David died” and the girl assumed she meant their housemate David Gest. That was definitely a WTF moment. 

4. Scott Being A Savage

We have to mention KUWTK again, because while all the Kardashian sisters are entertaining as hell, Scott (Kourtney’s ex-husband) makes us laugh the most when he says what all of us are thinking and acts as a complete savage to the Kardashians. 

5. Tyra Banks Being Shady

America’s Next Top Model is a show where girls compete to become a famous model, but what’s strange is Tyra Banks definitely knows about the dark side of modeling and she’s probably been criticized a lot in her career, but it didn’t stop her from criticizing the contestants. One of the weirdest things we’ve seen her throw shade about was telling a girl that she’s not marketable and wouldn’t get a Covergirl contract because of a gap between her teeth. And she wasn’t nice about it at all.

6. Simon Cowell Getting Water Thrown On Him

Simon is known for being rude and an absolute savage when it comes to talking to contestants but usually they know to expect that of him so they react fine. We’ve seen contestants throw water at him, but we found it more memorable when his fellow judge Sharon Osbourne got sick of his sarcasm and chose to pour water on him as a reality check.

7. Has America Got Talent?

Even though the idea for America’s Got Talent is to discover new talents and help them achieve success, people often use this show as an opportunity to get on TV just for a split second of fame. And one of the weirdest things we remember from this show is that time a person came on stage dressed as a super buff but also an angry and freaky looking baby in diapers. 

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