7 Tips For Men To Maintain Healthy Libido

 Libido is a very popular concern when it comes to men’s health. It’s something they worry about constantly, but anxiety and overthinking can only make the problem worse. There are actually quite a few things you can do to increase your libido and prevent any future problems. Most of these things are regular everyday activities that you might just be slacking on, and getting back on track will make you right as rain in no time.

1. Exercise Regularly

Leading a very sedentary life can actually cause problems with libido. It’s important to keep your body healthy and moving by exercising regularly. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym every day and lift weights like a pro, but just doing some exercises 3 to 4 times a week and making sure to at least go on a walk or a run in between, can make a huge difference.

2. Manage Stress

Stress is a major factor in everyone’s life, and we rarely can control the circumstances that stress us out. But stress and anxiety can definitely lower your libido and cause other problems. The key is to learn how to manage stress. Find ways to not let stress take over your life. Try meditation, exercises like yoga or a walk in the park, even breathing techniques can help one deal with stress. 

3. Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet full of nutrients is essential for men’s health in general and libido in particular. Make sure to eat plenty of fruit and veg and if you eat meat, go for lean meat instead of fast food and burgers. It’s also beneficial to limit one’s dairy intake or switch to a plant-based milk alternative.

4. Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs and your heart, but it’s also bad for your libido. Most smokers suffer from low libido and other men’s health problems. Also, many people who have had problems with libido find that their libido increases in just a few months after they quit smoking.

5. Drink Less

Drinking can be fun and for many, it’s a way to relax and loosen up after a hard day or week. But excessive drinking can cause problems with libido. By excessive drinking, we mean drinking an excessive amount at a time, or just drinking every single day. Try to limit yourself to just a couple of drinks on the weekend and you’ll see positive changes. 

6. Be Cautious With Medication

If you’re taking prescription drugs for a separate condition you might have, or perhaps you take over the counter medication on a semi-regular basis – it could be messing with your libido. We’re not suggesting you stop taking meds that keep you going, but read up on the side-effects, perhaps one of them is lowering your libido. If that is the case – talk to your doctor to see if there’s something they can do, perhaps they could change your prescription to something that will work the same but without this side-effect.

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7. Don’t Skip Medical Checkups

No one really likes going to the doctor, especially if there’s nothing seriously wrong. But doing regular annual checkups can prevent a lot of problems and catch things early before it gets worse. It’s also a great opportunity to ask the doctor all the questions that you might have about health, what’s normal and what’s not and when to start worrying about your health. Perhaps you’re worrying about nothing, a doctor can take a look, run the necessary test and let you know if there’s anything you should be concerned about. 

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