7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot

 Marriage isn’t that easy for most people. The whole issue starts with someone you want to legally tie your life to, and then you actually have to overcome all obstacles along the way and stay together. With life being what it is, it’s not that rare to imagine that sometimes people just part ways.

On the other hand, some people just can’t seem to stay married to literally anyone. You might start to wonder whether it’s just them and not everyone around them. We’re not here to judge, but only to observe. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities that got divorced more times than most of you will care to count.

1. Billy Bob Thornton – 5 Divorces

Billy Bob was pretty much “the guy before Brangelina,” and he’ll always stay that way, but divorcing Angelina Jolie was the fifth time he called his lawyer to get rid of his wife. After Angelina Jolie, Billy hasn’t remarried. And that kind of makes sense – where do you go when you’ve already been at the top?

Billy Bob Thornton | 7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot | Zestradar

2. Larry King – 7 Divorces

Nearly reaching the top score on this list with a whopping seven divorces, Larry King was mostly known for his love of journalism and pretty ladies. One thing that should be noted about this man’s marriage history is that it looks more like a resume where marriages seem to roll over into one another smoothly. Just imagine how much he spends on alimonies every year!

Larry King | 7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot | Zestradar

3. James Cameron – 5 Divorces

Just like Jack couldn’t hold on to that huge floating door in “Titanic”, James Cameron couldn’t hold on to either of his five ex-wives. His love life seems to have a general pattern of “director falls in love with an actress, marries her, moves on to a new project, meets new actress, marries her” ad nauseam. Among his ex-wives are, for example, Linda Hamilton, whom you may or may not know from a little movie called Terminator. We won’t spoil who directed it, but I think you can guess it already.

James. Cameron | 7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot | Zestradar

4. Jerry Lee Lewis – 6 Divorces

It would have to be a special sort of irony that would put the genius behind the song “Great Balls of Fire” on a list of people with the most divorces. Does that mean that the song has a double meaning? Either way, the most scandalous of his marriages was the one to Myra Gail Brown. They were married for quite a long time, but she was only 13 when they got married. And she was his cousin. Just imagine the faces of everyone at their wedding. Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire indeed.

Jerry Lee Lewis | 7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot | Zestradar

5. Pamela Anderson – 4 Divorces

Being married four times, her most known marriages were to rock stars Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. She divorced Tommy Lee back in 1998 when people still didn’t realize Motley Crue wasn’t actually that good, and she only remarried in 2006 with Kid Rock. They got a divorce in 2007, probably because she heard his new song “All Summer Long” for the first time and knew it was time to leave that wreck of a man. She had two other, much shorter marriages, but since neither of them was as interesting as with the rock stars, no good story came from them.

6. Tony Curtis – 6 Divorces

The father of the well-known Jamie Lee Curtis was married and subsequently divorced six whole times. His longest marriage was to Leslie Allen, which was his third wife already. After their 14 years of marriage, Tony dabbled in relationship territory a bit but never really got close to becoming a monogamous man. He did marry a woman 42 younger than himself, which is a legendary feat for any older man.

Tony Curtis | 7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot | Zestradar

7. Elizabeth Taylor – 8 Divorces

The top-tier divorcee of this evening is none other than Elizabeth Taylor. She got divorced eight times during her lifetime, which just begs the question of why you would even bother getting married again in the first place. Her most famous partner was Richard Burton, whom she met on the set of Cleopatra (where Elizabeth established her status as the Queen of Hollywood). They got married twice, in tandem, after being divorced for less than a year. It’s weird, but the second marriage didn’t last much longer than a year either. Everyone deserves a second, maybe even a third chance, but not everyone utilizes it properly.

Elizabeth Tailor  | 7 Celebrities That Got Divorced A Whole Lot | Zestradar
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