The Most peculiar Paranoid fears About Antarctica

Regardless of us having gone to different planets, there's still a considerable amount that we don't think about our own planet. Furthermore, with regards to the tremendous tundra of Antarctica, a large portion of the space is so difficult to explore that we've scarcely figured out how to plan and research its majority. Furthermore, since the web is a thing, this had prompted some tremendously wacky paranoid ideas about Antarctica. 

How about we investigate probably the best ones. Lash in, it's going to be a serious ride. 

Antiquated Human progress 

In the wake of discovering pictures on Google Earth (as you do) of something that seemed as though a man-made construction, individuals everywhere on the web began plotting that Antarctica would be home to an old human advancement. The leftovers of that human advancement would be shrouded in stacks of snow, normally.

Ancient Civilization | The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica | Zestradar

Empty Earth Hypothesis 

The Empty Earth Hypothesis proposes that our planet is indeed empty and there's another progress living under the planet's surface. A passage to this underground piece of Earth would – normally – be found in the most horrifyingly appalling pieces of Antarctica.


Back in 2012, an image was made of an exploration station where as per individuals on the web, a UFO could be found somewhere far off. Normally, there's almost no proof required while guaranteeing a UFO since it should simply be a unidentified flying item, so even a sort of bird you haven't seen before actually applies.

UFO  | The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica | Zestradar

Nazi Dugouts 

Never has there been a system with more paranoid notions attached to it, and never has there been an area with more fear inspired notions attached to it. As indicated by the Venn-graph that demonstrates that sometime there must be one where the two subjects covered, individuals have begun guessing that the Nazis had puts together worked with respect to Antarctica. There's not an ounce of confirmation that Nazis even went there (indeed, aside from an endeavor in 1938) or had the innovation to assemble said bases, however that is not halting the web.

Nazi Bunkers | The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica | Zestradar

Ice Boat 

Again on Google Earth (I swear they do this deliberately), individuals discovered an image of what seems, by all accounts, to be a 400 foot ice transport lying on the outside of Antarctica. Normally this disclosure prompted a ton of paranoid fears regarding why the boat was there, as for instance the hypothesis that this boat was worked to ship world pioneers on schedule of worldwide emergency. Other YouTubers and Redditors considered this to be as evidence of other paranoid ideas, similar to the Nazi bases. Bodes well for the Nazis to go with a yacht, correct?

Ice Ship | The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica | Zestradar


Normally this must be one of the schemes, isn't that right? Individuals discovered what resembles a pyramid on Antarctica and this is – obviously – evident proof that outsiders are right now living on Antarctica and have a base there. You know, as they do in Egypt.

Pyramids  | The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica | Zestradar

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