Ten Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Cosmetics

 Cosmetics has consistently been viewed as a lady's right, yet fortunately, present day culture had the option to loosen up a little and permit men to utilize mascara, lipstick, guyliner, and all that great stuff, without checking them in a negative way. This particularly applies to male celebs who, truly, simply need to look great. Furthermore, they do! 

So here are some male superstars who can't take off from the house without wearing cosmetics. 

1. Jared Leto 

Entertainer and artist Jared Leto is an extraordinary self-trained cosmetics expert and feels comfortable around the brushes. Leto is tied in with underlining his lovely blue eyes with dark eyeliner, making them look bigger and more brilliant. You can't disclose to me those eyes don't look shocking.

Jared Leto | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

2. Ezra Miller

Ezra became famous for his role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and has always been trying to mess with the public by dressing up in the weirdest possible attires. He loves using makeup, claiming that it can magically transform a person. Ezra recalls growing up with two sisters, and they often painted each other’s nails and put on makeup. Ain’t nothing wrong with some mascara, boys!

Ezra Miller | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

In terms of his looks, Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead of everyone else! The football player does not hide that he had a couple of plastic surgeries, and since perfect skin is a myth, he always uses concealer before important events. He’s only human.

Christiano Ronaldo | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

4. Russell Brand

When Katy Perry parted ways with Russell, some of her fans joked that it was because the couple couldn’t share their cosmetics. It’s not a secret that Brand loves makeup but did you know he often liked to take photos of Katy earl in the morning? You know, barefaced? That’s just not right.

Russell Brand | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

5. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa looks intimidating with or without makeup, which was probably why he got the role of Khal Drogo in the TV series “Game of Thrones” without much trouble. But it seems that Drogo’s smoky eyes have been following the actor ever since. Hey, if you look great — you look great.

Jason Momoa | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

6. Johnny Depp

Handsome boy Johnny Depp uses makeup not only when he needs to slip into his Captain Jack Sparrow persona but also in his everyday life. The actor loves using dark eyeliner to match his dark personality.

Johnny Depp | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

7. Zac Efron

A lot of Zac Efron’s fans suspect that he uses a foundation — his skin is too even and well-groomed. The actor denies this, however, but do we really care? Mother Nature blessed Zac with that handsome face, that we can forgive him this small weakness.

8. Marilyn Manson

Legends say that Marilyn Manson looks like an ordinary average man without his makeup, but frankly, we can hardly imagine this “handsome” man without his iconic black eyeshadow and cherry red lipstick.

Marilyn Manson | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

9. David Bowie

Bowie could be easily called the makeup god. He did not just draw perfect eyeliner arrows, he was also well-versed in using shadows and pencils like no woman ever could. Rest in peace, you beautiful starman.

David Bowie | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

10. Bill Kaulitz

The lead singer of the once insanely popular emo band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is a true makeup and hairstyle guru. Remember the perfectly drawn eyes? In one of the interviews, Bill admitted that at some point, fans really got under his skin with questions about how he does his makeup, that he shot a step-by-step tutorial video with detailed instructions.

Bill Kaulitz | 10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup | Zestradar

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