11 Ways To Be Happy Alone

 Even if you don’t have a big group of friends or a romantic partner, being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. Still, cultivating the skill of being happy alone can be a difficult task, but it’s essential.

 At some point in life, we either experience being single or being alone with our thoughts, and it’s important to appreciate that time for reflection rather than looking or company to fill the silence. Here are all the ways to value and celebrate spending time with yourself.

1. A Distraction Free Zone

Try to spend a few minutes without a book, your computer, music, TV, or other distractions. You don’t need to meditate — just be by yourself. Lie down somewhere comfortable, maybe shut the shades, or look out the window if it relaxes you. If this is too boring, consider knitting or washing the dishes.

2. Go On A Date With Yourself

Even if this sounds corny to you, consider a self-date. Take yourself to dinner or the movies. Dress up in a sexy outfit and take yourself clubbing! Do whatever you would do to impress a date. You deserve to be impressed by your own magnificent self as well.

3. Boost Your Endorphins

Getting physical can help release endorphins, making your brain happier, and hence more content with spending time alone. This can include some self-love alone time in the bedroom, if you catch our drift, or regular exercise. Even just a walk or some stretches can make the biggest difference, and can also improve confidence.

4. Go Out In Nature

This can be taking a walk at your local park, hanging out in your backyard, or going on a hike. Connect with Mother Earth and all of its smells, sounds, and colors. According to science, just half an hour of nature a week can reduce the risks of depression and high blood pressure.

5. Take Up Space

When no one else is around, you don’t need to make yourself small. Dance around your house and take up your entire kitchen. Perhaps meal prep for the next week as a present to yourself, so you can relax over the next few days rather than cooking yourself dinner every night.

6. Treat Yourself

This can be however you define it — how do you treat yourself? Whether it means cooking a five-star meal, buying an expensive bottle of wine, or taking a Pilates class that puts you in a good mood, indulge yourself however you see fit.

7. Volunteer Remotely

Especially in a post-covid age, volunteering doesn’t have to be a social event in person. For instance, you can tutor a student via FaceTime or Skype, donate to a food bank, or to a charity of your choice. Acts of service are a super fulfilling way of spending time alone.

8. Learn A New Skill

Whether it’s learning how to knit, riding a bike for the first time, or reading when you’ve never really been a book lover, going outside of your comfort zone to learn a new skill is a fantastic way to spend alone time — especially if you’re not one to be idle or lazy.

9. Turn Your Gratitude Into An Activity

It’s easy to take things for granted in the daily hustle and bustle of life. You forget how good you really do have it in many ways, but there’s a cure for that. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Stimulate your brain and body further by reading this list out in front of the mirror. This can turn into a daily practice if you benefit from it.

10. Take A Social Media Break

As entertaining as social media is, it’s connected to a feeling of isolation and other negative feelings of low self-worth. Stop comparing your life to others and zombie-scrolling through your feed — whether it’s for a couple of days, a month, or a year, doing a social media detox can help you feel more at peace, and more connected to your local community.

11. Travel

Traveling with a partner can actually be kind of a bummer. You have to figure out a mutual itinerary and give into the other person’s wants at times, but traveling on your own ensures total independence and freedom. If you want to sit on the beach all day and drink margaritas, do it! Traveling is also a great way to go soul-searching and find yourself.

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