9 Worst Dating App Profile Mistakes That Could Repel Potential Matches

 Online dating is hard to navigate for anyone, but there are certain mistakes you might be guilty of in your profile that’s keeping the match of your dreams. During the pandemic, more people than ever are looking to make a connection. Read more to get to know the most common mistakes singles are making that are repelling those potential matches.

1. Too many posed pics

This can seem fake and inauthentic. Put yourself across as the well-rounded human being you are — the way you take your pic is just as important as your actual appearance. Along with making sure you have a good blend of candid and posted images, try to contain an equal balance of close-up shots and full body images. This will make it clear that you have nothing to hide. Also, please take off the sunglasses. No one can get to know you that way.

2. Not sharing enough personal info

If your bio is filled with things that make you seem impressive or pop culture references, the people on the other side will never get a chance to know the real you. Rather than writing quotes, trying to be witty or impressive, take advantage of that description and talk about your interests, so you can find someone whose pastimes align with you on. These interests can translate into activities, which are a great icebreaker and first date idea. 

3. Swiping right on everyone

If you swipe right on absolutely everybody, you might think that it’ll get you all the matches. But realistically, you’re just saying yes to a bunch of people that you might have no common interest with, and it would be way too overwhelming to start conversations with all those hundreds of right swipes. Instead, really pay attention to profiles and hone in on people you might have a spark with.

4. Bragging

No one likes a condescending or snobby person that thinks too highly of themselves. Rather than trying to sell yourself so hard, try to be honest about your traits and accomplishments without worrying that you’re not enough for someone. The right person will think the world of those accomplishments and your journey. In the same vein, don’t be too picky and write a paragraph of turn-offs or things that you’re not looking for. Instead, you can mention the things that you are looking for. 

5. Low quality pics

This make it look as though you’re hiding something or don’t have recent, high quality images in the age of the smartphone, but there’s another con that’s repelling future bae: the bright light from a flash can age someone by up to seven years, honing in on the blemishes and wrinkles. The best time of day to take an image is the so-called “Golden Hour” in the late afternoon, which will offer soft, natural lighting and the most attractive setting to portray yourself in.

6. Focusing too much on the physical

If you have a narrow, physical type, you’ll always be pushing out the potential love of your life. Rather than physical traits, compliment the person on something real that shows you’re not just focused on the shallow things in life. For instance, you can share something that you admired about their profile.

7. Too much chatting, not enough meeting

You’ll end up with a digital penpal if you don’t take that relationship off-screen soon. While it’s important to get to know someone and their vibe, if you wait too long, the window will pass, and you’ll never end up meeting in person, where the real magic could happen. Within a week of talking, nail down a first date!

8. Too many group photos

You don’t want to turn a dating app into a game where potential suitors have to guess who you are. There’s no need to hide behind your friends, because you’re just as stunning as they are, and owning your beauty will only make you sexier. Take up space in that spotlight, girl — you deserve it, and it’ll get you better match results. 

9. Being lazy or generic in your profile

If you leave profile prompts blank or use cliche responses, potential matches will never get to know you. You’ll come off as lazy, pompous and completely void of personality. Even if you’re absolutely gorgeous, if you’re not at all vulnerable in your profile, you might have trouble getting matches, who won’t know how to start a conversation. 

Source: herbeauty.co

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