10 Signs And Symptoms Of Strep Throat In Toddlers

 Studies show that around 15% of all cases of sore throat are caused by strep throat. It is one of the most common bacterial infections of the throat, and often seen in children from five to fifteen years of age. If you or your kid are feeling under the weather, you may have strep throat. Look out for the following signs and symptoms:


1. A high fever

When a child or an adult has strep throat, their temperature can rise higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit and this fever usually lasts for at least 48 hours. A physician should be consulted and to ease the symptoms an over-the-counter medication like Tylenol can be taken.


2. Difficulty swallowing

One of the most noticeable signs of strep throat is an inability to swallow. Due to inflammation, it can make it difficult to swallow food or even just saliva. Remember to try eating soft food like jello and ice cream.


3. A sudden decrease in appetite

Loss of appetite is usually associated with strep throat. If your kid suddenly has a decreased appetite with a sore throat, you should get a hold of your pediatrician right away.


4. Red or white patches on the throat and tonsils

One of the main causes for the appearance of white spots in the throat is the strep throat infection. There are many natural remedies which can help treat mild cases of strep throat. But you should always seek medical advice if you have a more serious case.


5. Skin rash

Sometimes, strep throat, especially in kids or elderly patients with weak immune systems, can cause a skin rash. You may find little red bumps on the torso, chest, back, neck or on an area at the back or on the roof of the soft and hard palate in the mouth.


6. Sore throat

Another tell-tale symptom of strep throat is simply a sore throat. Typically, a sore throat related to strep throat is known to be extremely painful, making it difficult to swallow. Therefore, if you or your child has any of the symptoms, you should make an appointment as soon as possible.


7. Swollen tender lymph nodes around the neck

You may also notice that your lymph nodes, or the glands in the neck, are swollen and tender. Penicillin or amoxicillin are two antibiotics that are prescribed by doctors for treating the infection.


8. Headache

An achy headache is also one of the well-known symptoms of having strep throat. The bacteria associated with strep throat spreads rather quickly to other areas of the body, causing more pain and additional illnesses.


9. Chills

While there are various symptoms that come to mind with strep throat, having chills is one that is directly related to having a fever. Since strep throat can occur any time of the year, it is important to stay warm when going out in cool temperatures.


10. General aches, pains, and stiffness in the joints and muscles

As with any other illness, like a cold or flu, soreness including neck pain, head pain, and stiffness of joints are common. You may also notice that your lymph nodes, or the glands in your neck, are swollen and tender. Penicillin or amoxicillin are two antibiotics prescribed by doctors for treating the infection.

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