14 Of The Most Spectacular Bridges In The World

 For most of us, bridges have been taken for granted. Bridges connect lands, which can make our life more convenient. However, some of them are quite extraordinary as for the design and idea. They are not only bridges but also pieces of arts. Here we have 15 of the most spectacular bridges in the world. Next time if you have chances to cross one of them, you can enjoy the magnificence of these bridges.

1. Helix Bridge, Singapore

Opened on the 24th April 2010, the Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge which connects the Marina Center with Marina South across the Marina Bay in Singapore. It is designed similar to the structure of DNA, reminding people of the reminiscent of the double helix.


2. The Langkawi Sky Bridge

Regarded as one of the most spectacular bridges in the world, the Langkawi Sky Bridge spans about 125 meters across the mountains and is about 700 meters above the sea level and, which provide a splendid view of the Andaman Sea and Thailand's Tarutao Island for people.


3. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Designed by Ramboll with Wilkinson Eyre, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is considered to be the world's first and only tilting bridge. Standing about 45 meters high and spans about 105 meters across the Tyne River, it is made of steel and designed with the help of LUSAS Bridge analysis software.


4. Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

To be one of the most famous tourist attractions, the Stari Most, literally means the old bridge, which was built in 1557, has been four hundred years old. It spent the engineer Rudin nine years to finish. In 1993, this bridge was bombed in the civil war, and later in 2004, it was rebuilt.


5. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

Being the longest span bridge in the world, the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge located in the Akashi Straigh between Kobe and Awajo Island in Hyogo Pref. This bridge has been one of the greatest projects in Japan, which connect Honshu with Shikoku by both the highway and railway. It spent about ten years' time to finish the construction.


6. Rialto Bridge, Italy

With the current structure built in just three years between 1588 and 1591, the Rialto Bridge is the central part of Venice. The 7.5 meter arch of the Rialto Bridge was designed to allow the passage of galleys. Meanwhile, the 12,000 wooden piling were used to support the bridge for more than 400 years later.


7. Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore

Considered to be the highest pedestrian bridge, the Henderson Waves Footbridge has three troughs, four peaks, which provides pedestrians with the view of new height. The whole length of the Wave is about 274 meters, and the highest point is about 36 meters away from the road.


8. Slauerhoffbrug Bridge

The Slauerhoffbrug Bridge is used to make room for the passing water traffic since it is designed for a section of road into the air. The engineering can raise and lower quicker than the traditional counterparts due to the hinged mechanism of typical two-part raising tail bridges.


9. Octavio Frias De Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

Built in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge was opened in May 2008. The cable-stayed bridge crossed the Pinheiros River and divided the west of the city. The whole length of this bridge is about 900 meters, and it is about 138 meters high.


10. Siduhe Bridge, China

With the 496-meter-roal over the water, the Siduhe River Bridge is considered to be the highest bridge all over the world. It was open on November 15th, 2009. Located in Hubei Province, the Siduhe River Bridge is regarded as one of the most amazing designs.


11. Millau Viaduct, France

Considered to be the world's tallest bridge which crosses the dark valley of Tarn River, the Millau Viaduct located in the south of France. It took about three years to finish. Built by the Eiffel Tower contractors and designed by Briton Sir Norman Foster, this elegant French bridge is named the mother of the bridge in human architectural wonders in the 21st century.


12. Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Dividing the water like Moses and making people cross to the other side, the Moses Bridge in Netherlands is considered to be one of the most creative bridges in the world. Made of the extremely durable Accoya wood, the inspired sunken bridge is designed by RO&AD architects.


13. Khaju Bridge, Iran

Located in the province of Isfahan, Iran, the Khaju Bridge has been regarded as the finest bridge in the Province. Built by Persian Safavid king in about 1950, It served as both a bridge and a dam. The Khaju Bridge is about 133 meters long, 12 meters wide and it has 24 arches in total.


14. Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Seen as one of the world's famous bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of San Francisco. It is started to build in 1933 and finished in 1937. The bridge hung in the air with the enormous tension produced by the two cables on both sides of the bridge. It is rarely seen in the world as one of the large span suspension bridges.

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