20 Best Places To Retire In The US

 1. Wenatchee, Washington

With its river, beaches, desert landscape and other natural surroundings, Wenatchee can be the paradise for those who are into outdoorsy activities. There are also several well-regarded hospitals in town, providing a very assured existence for older people. With its art centers and open-air concerts in summer, the city is all about fun.


2. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

With a little more than 542,000 people in the county, Lancaster in southern Pennsylvania is the ideal retirement destination and offers great comfort to many. The four seasons here are so distinct that you can enjoy temperate springs, hot summers, colorful autumns, and snowy winters right at your front door.


3. Summerville, South Carolina

During the 1880s, wealthy people moved to Summerville, and now we all have the opportunity to admire the lovely historical mansions and interesting shops here. Summerville is an attractive place for retirees to spend time because of its fresh air, spring flowers and warm weather.


4. Fort Myers, Florida

Ever since it started to boom in the 20th century, Fort Myers has grown and grown. Covering a midsize metro area of 126.9 km², the downtown has dog-friendly shops and restaurants, museums, theaters, parks, etc. As a county with more than a quarter of its population over 65, Fort Myers is undoubtedly great for retirees.


5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located at high altitude, Colorado Springs sees all four seasons, from hot summers to winter snowstorms. The city has a population of 415,000 and is a hot spot for retirees, owing to its magnificent natural scenery.


6. Sarasota, Florida

With great restaurants and ample shopping opportunities, Sarasota is a place to go. Plus, its warm temperatures and prestigious beaches are quite an appealing aspect to what many consider paradise. One more thing, if you are a fan of outdoor activities, don’t forget to bring an umbrella for those pesky unexpected storms.


7. Port Charlotte, Florida

Looking for an affordable retirement city? Well, look no further. Port Charlotte is the one. Thanks to its lower than average cost of living, low taxes and affordable boating, the city is a favorite destination for retirees. Additionally, with its hospital and numerous medical centers, you’ll always be looked after in your old age.


8. Austin, Texas

Established in 1939 along the Colorado River on the edge of the Hill County, Austin has previously been named as the Live Music Capital of the World, a place where you can enjoy some really good tunes. This is the place where nature intersects art and it ensures that your retirement will be anything but dull!


9. Maryville, Tennessee

Low tax rate, highly-rated hospital, magnificent parks, quality of life and welcoming atmosphere make Maryville a priority option for older people to retire in. If you are fond of social activities and hope to keep yourself busy, plenty of adult communities are here to satisfy your needs.


10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh offers a better value than similarly sized metro areas when you compare housing costs to median household income. There are several neighborhoods that are very good for retirees in that they are with a more suburban character, featuring tree-lined streets and yards.


11. Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City is famous for its high level of education and healthcare, which means that besides the lovely riverfront walking and biking here, you can also pursue more through adult education. The median home price is about $280,000 here, a little bit higher than that of the average housing cost in the USA.


12. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum, and Grand Rapid Ballet endow the place with an affinity for art. Also, Grand Rapids is known for a number of breweries dotted around town. You will feel free wondering in the 1,200 acres of parks and glad to gather at the Lake Michigan shoreline in the summer.


13. Jefferson City, Missouri

As the 15th most populous city in the state, Jefferson City is perfect for retirees because there are over 30 retirement and assisted living communities. In Jefferson City, you can regain the joy of greeting your neighbours every day when enjoying the lovely weather.


14. Nashville, Tennessee

With the increase in its population, there comes a rise in the home values in Nashville. But the life here is affordable because Nashville is one of the few states that don’t tax wages. Over 200 days of sunshine over the year make the city a delightful destination for older people.


15. Grand Prairie, Texas

With a population of 193,000, Grand Prairie is an excellent choice for people who like to live in a city with a small-town feel. And the city is fully equipped with infrastructures like parks, fitness centers, hospitals, and an emergency center.


16. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio sees approximately 300 days of sunshine all year round, making the city the paradise for those who are into outdoorsy activities. You can finally enjoy the urban retired life.


17.  Harrisonburg, Virginia

Located in Shenandoah Valley, as a friendly town with a population of 52,500, Harrisonburg is a small city that is suitable to accommodate retirees. But don’t be afraid that you are going to live in a dull community because there are modest-sized colleges nearby for you to embrace youth vibe.


18. Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland is so named because of its 38 stunning lakes that allow residents to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. Most people can afford to live here thanks to its lower than average housing cost. Lakelanders can enjoy both the small-town living joy and resort-style amenities. So will you.


19. Lincoln, Nebraska

Founded in 1856, Lincoln has now become the second-most populous city in Nebraska, housing about 285,000 people. Parks, gardens, unique restaurants, bars, and other entertainment spots make this neighborhood a fun place to live in.


20. Ocean Pines, Maryland

Thanks to its clean air, beautiful beach and bay, and becoming weather to enjoy all this, Ocean Pines is a great place to grow old. You are free to spend time on any leisure activity, walking or biking.

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