8 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Spain

 8. It’s a Kingdom in fact

Spain officially "The Kingdom of Spain" is actually a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It's the second largest country in the European Union with an area occupying nearly 506,000 square kilometers. Except the natives, seldom is aware of Spain's official name.


7. Public nudity is lawful

With over 3,000 hours of sunlight each year, sunbath has been enjoying a great popularity among the Spanish for long. It's very common to see groups of people, particularly women wearing no tops bathing in the sun on many beaches of Spain. And exhibitionists usually hold a carefree attitude towards nudity.


6. Spain suffers high unemployment

It’s widely known that Spain’s economy has been suffering lately. As a result, in 2015, its unemployment rate is as high as 24.2 percent that is only slightly behind Greece in Europe. When it comes to youth unemployment, things get even worse as the average youth unemployment rate reaches 50 percent for those between 15 and 24.


5. Its national anthem has no lyrics

Spain's national anthem "The March Real" or "Royal March" in English is one of the only four national anthems in the world that have no official lyrics. Though there are kinds of variations of the anthem, it's original symphonic version, according to experts, should be played in the tone of B major and endure 52 seconds long.


4. There’s a shitting log at Christmas

Countries in the world celebrate the Christmas differently, and in Spain, there exists a popular Christmas tradition called Tió de Nadal, Christmas log in English. At Christmas, children beat the hollow wooden log with sticks until it ‘defecates’ out chocolate, candy and other treats. So the log also goes by the nickname Caga tió, meaning ‘shitting log’ or ‘pooing log’.


3. The Eiffel Tower was originally planned to be built in Barcelona

Nowadays, we all know that the Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark of Paris and a symbol of French culture. However, seldom knows that it was originally planned to be built in Barcelona, a Spanish city around 1887. Because the people of Barcelona did not want it then, it was established in Paris in 1889. Interestingly enough, the Paris people dislike it either.


2. The Sagrada Família Church construction seems never ending

The Sagrada Família Church in Barcelona has been in construction for 130 years since 1882, and the building is still going on. It seems that it will never end though the expected completion date is 2026. Still under construction, the church has been open to the public and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


1. Spain is home to the oldest restaurant in the world

Have you ever been eager to visit the world's oldest restaurant that is still in operation? If so, head to Madrid in Spain and visit Restaurante Botín. Opened in 1725, Restaurante Botín is the world's oldest operating restaurant. It offers some traditional Spanish cuisine such as Cochinillo Asado, (roast suckling pig) and old style roast lamb.

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