20 Most Beautiful Weather Girls Ranked By Fans

 What has kept you riveted to weather reports? To be honest, beautiful weather forecasters to some extent have contributed to the ratings of the show. Here let’s feast our eyes on these pretty weather women.

1. Liberté Chan

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Noted for being the weather reporter for Los Angeles’s famous KTLA Morning News, Liberté Chan attracted millions of people's attention because of an on-air wardrobe malfunction. She was in a light-colored dress, which perfectly blended into the map when she stepped in front of the green screen. Even so, no one can deny her beauty. 

2. Evelyn Taft

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Evelyn Taft started her career with KCOY-TV and KRON 4 before joining CBS-affiliate KCAL. She has a degree in journalism and can speak several languages, including Russian, French, and Hebrew. She has also been awarded the National Army Guild Award for the documentary, Military Minute.

3. Magda Palimariu

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Described as a beautiful and elegant woman, Magda Palimariu is a Romanian weather girl for Pro TV. She has a Master’s degree in journalism and started her career in Bucharest. She loves swimming and has appeared in several magazines, including Pro TV Magazine and Playboy magazine.

4. Carolina Ramirez

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Carolina Ramirez is the Colombian-born weather reporter for Univision’s Despierta America, where she rose to fame. This attractive host joined the beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2010, which is where she caught Univision’s attention. Carolina loves traveling and has visited countries like Norway, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

5. Indra Petersons

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Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Physics, Indra Petersons is the current meteorologist for NBC News. She started her career with KVIA in Texas, then KABC in Los Angeles, and gained prominence as the weather host for CNN’s New Day. She is also a passionate traveler and adventurer that she visited around 50 countries and over 200 cities, dived with great white sharks, and had a near-death experience from a lion attack.

6. Bri Winkler

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The story of this brilliant meteorologist is inspirational. At the age of 24, Bri Winkler unfortunately suffered a stroke. During this time, she became an advocate to help youngsters recognize the early signs of strokes. After her recovery, she finished her master’s degree and became one of the youngest meteorologists for Eyewitness News.

7. Sheena Parveen

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The Indian beauty Sheena Parveen studied the climate at Florida State University. Having been named the “Best TV Weather Person,” she gained popularity when working for NBC 10. But she was actually first recognized as the head forecaster when working for the WTVT network. She is currently a meteorologist for NBC 7 San Diego. Rumors said that she has dated Hugh Jackman and Jason Statham. 

8. Yanet Garcia

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Regarded as the “hottest weather-woman in the world,” journalism graduate Yanet Garcia actually started her career as a model at 15. Then she was scooped up by Televisa Monterrey to report the weather. Besides that, this Mexican beauty is also a businesswoman who runs her own modeling academy. She has even pursued careers in both acting and as a public accountant.

9. Chita Craft

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The blonde beauty Chita Craft is the morning meteorologist for News This Morning. She has a bachelor of Science degree. During her freshman year, she joined the game show The Price is Right and became the Showcase Showdown winner. She is fond of sports, and is keen on skiing, snowboarding, tennis, and golf. She is even a certified scuba diver.

10. Cristina Blackwell

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Every day for San Antonio viewers seems excellent since they get to see their own Cristina Blackwell, the weather host for KENS 5’s Great Day SA. Her career was put on hold for a few years when she married ice hockey player Pete MacArthur. Worth to mention that she has benefited from being bilingual (Spanish & English) and once got a job from Despierta San Antonio. 

11. Jackie Johnson

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Jackie Johnson is not only a real weather forecaster but also an actress who presented a forecast in NCIS, The Midnight Show, All About Steve, and Battleship. In 2018, she officially retired from KCBS-TV. It seems that she might want to reinvent her career. Maybe as a movie star?

12. Jackie Guerrido

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Not merely a meteorologist, Jackie Guerrido is also an actress, radio talent, and businesswoman. Her career took off when Univision made her the weather girl for Al Amanecer de Noticias 23. She then presented the weather for Despierta America and is currently working for Primer Impacto.

13. Sugey Abrego

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The weather presenter Sugey Abrego works for Mexican TV station Canal 4. She also tried her hand in theater, debuting in the show Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real in 2003. She has appeared on the cover of magazines like Playboy and Maxim Mexico. A wardrobe malfunction in 2016 gained her even more internet fame. 

14. Jennifer Delgado 

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Jennifer Delgado is the weather reporter for CNN International. This beautiful host has earned her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Webster University and received a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. She is also a cancer survivor who survived blood cancer in 2017.  

15. Vania Manzano

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Mexican beauty Vania Manzano is one of the most popular weather girls and does her reporting duties for TV Azteca Jalisco. She is also an Instagram star with over 180 thousand followers. She likes sharing her travels, fitness routine, and sexy outfits with fans.

16. Sonya Hill

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Sonya Hill is the weather reporter for Telemundo in Corpus Christi. Before becoming a meteorologist, she participated in the Swimsuit USA International Competition and ranked number ten. This beautiful journalist with an incredible figure has also done some modeling jobs.

17. Angie Gonzalez

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The 32-year-old Angie Gonzalez is another beautiful weather reporter on our list. She is currently the weather presenter for Milenio TV. She initially chose to be a technician but finally decided to become a weather forecaster. Most women will envy her because she is somehow able to maintain her figure even though she doesn’t diet and enjoys junk food.

18. Leticia Castro

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The hot weather anchor Leticia Castro is the weather anchor for ABC Sacramento. Prior to her hosting career, she was a model and pageant contestant. She has also ventured into the acting industry and starred in Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors. She has recently won the 2019 Emmy Award for her show on Telemundo Las Vegas.

19. Susana Almeida

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Another weather girl whose fame skyrocketed due to a wardrobe malfunction on air is Susana Almeida. She is currently the weather reporter for Canal 4 Televisa Guadalajara. Regarded as the “Best Looking Weather Girl” by Daily Star Magazine, this sexy beauty has gained more prominence through her Instagram page where she has over 200 thousand followers.

20. Vera Jimenez

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Vera Jimenez still looks gorgeous in her 50s, and age is just a number for her. She is the senior meteorologist for KTLA-TV and also the restaurant owner of Hermosa Beach Fish Shop. She has earned numerous awards, including three Emmys and three Golden Mics. She has kept herself physically and mentally fit through exercise and meditation.

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