Seven Amazing Realities About Lady Gaga’s Outfit

 When you think of Lady Gaga, some of the bizarre and ground-breaking fashion choices she has made over the years may come to mind. However, her meat suit ensemble is her most well-known ensemble from her repertoire. The meat dress that Lady Gaga wore made history as one of the strangest red carpet outfits ever. Even though you may have seen the bizarre outfit for yourself, there are a few little-known facts about how this look was achieved. Take a look at these seven surprising facts about Lady Gaga's meat dress to learn more about the infamous outfit. 

The dress needed 50 pounds of meat to make.

Here's the answer to your question about how much meat was needed to make the suit. The suit was made out of 50 pounds of meat, but some of the fat was cut off. As a result, the final weight was about 40 pounds. The meat that was wrapped around her shoes made her weigh a few more pounds. Imagine carrying 50 pounds of meat around on your body. Is that possible?

During its creation, the dress was kept cold.

Even while it was being sewn together, the dress had to be kept in the refrigerator at all times to prevent spoilage. The entire process of gathering the meat and creating the meaty masterpiece took about three days. The dress's creators intend to make jerky by letting the dress dry out.

The meat dress had a sweet aroma. 

This actually comes as a surprise because you would have expected the dress to start to smell because it was not on ice when it was on the runway. However, sources claim that Lady Gaga confirmed that the dress smelled sweet. This must be because the creative process was well chilled.

There was a corset under the meat.

Under those excessive pounds of beefiness, there was actually a corset, even though meat was the only thing that could be seen to the naked eye. The meat was sewed to the corset, which was the dress's base. Lady Gaga had to crawl under the dress to get into it so she could wear it. The corset already had the majority of the meat sewn on. However, there were a few parts of the dress that needed to be attached once the dress was on. It may appear as though the meat was literally hanging from her neck in some photographs. However, it was only the meat that was hanging from the corset underneath. 

The meat suit was made without a specific pattern.

Typically, dresses are made using patterns and designs, but Lady Gaga's meat dress did not allow for this. They had no way at all of cutting meat into patterns like fabric. Instead, it was sewn together in pieces and draped over. To ensure that the meat was held tightly together, they used extremely strong strings, which required multiple people to collaborate. The shape that was made to fit Lady Gaga's body was the only pattern that was followed.

While Lady Gaga was on the red carpet, the meat was cold.

The meat was actually still cold as she made her entrance in her meaty dress. The corset prevented most of the meat from coming into contact with her; despite this, it nevertheless touched her legs, back, and neck skin.

The meat was genuine!

The meat was real, and the dress was not made in any way. Additionally, a Los Angeles butcher had just cut it.

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