Ibotta versus Get: The Right Cashback Application for You

To bring in remunerations and set aside money while looking for food, cashback applications are ideally suited for you. Ibotta and Bring are two such stages, each with its exceptional highlights and advantages. Both intend to further develop your shopping experience, however they have unobtrusive contrasts that are not entirely obvious. In this article, we will jump into the correlation of Ibotta Versus Get, investigating how they work and what separates them. This will assist you with pursuing informed choices on which one suits you better.

About Ibotta

Bring is an extraordinary application that gives you cash back when you share your receipt data. You procure focuses for each receipt you sweep, and you can utilize these focuses to get present cards for places like Amazon and Best Purchase. The application is really simple to use with a direct format. You'll see buttons for the camera and e-receipt right on the primary page. On the off chance that you have a paper receipt, simply snap a photo with the camera button. You can likewise connect your email to add messaged receipts rapidly.

Ibotta versus Bring: The Right Cashback Application for You

Assuming you're into getting unconditional gift vouchers for your shopping for food, Get is the good job! It's super easy to use, and you don't need to waste time with purchasing explicit items to procure focuses. Then again, assuming that you're about monetary compensations and more arrangements, Ibotta may be your go-to application. Presently we should check out at a definite examination between Ibotta Versus Get:

Online vs. offlineOnline and offlineOnline and offline
Type of appMobile app (iOS and Android)Mobile app (iOS and Android) and browser extension
Ease of UseThe app is very user-friendly, and you can earn cashback just by submitting the receipt.You need to pick the offers in the app before you can earn cashback by submitting a receipt. It means there’s a bit more effort required on your part.
Redemption optionsGift cardsPayPal account deposit, bank deposit, and gift cards
Minimum cash out$3 (3,000 points)$20 minimum
LimitationsYou can upload a certain number of receipts within a week.Ibotta has a limit on how often you can use their offers.
Online ReceiptsEarn points for your online shopping with Fetch E-Receipts, the latest feature on the platform.


Simply connect it to your email and Amazon account, and it will scan your inbox for receipts from your favourite online stores.

With Ibotta, you can make money from your online purchases using two simple methods. First, there’s In-App Shopping. Just shop at your favourite online stores through the Ibotta app and earn cash back.


Second, Download Ibotta’s browser extension, and you’ll earn cash back for shopping right from your computer.

Rewards expirationRewards expire after 90 days of inactivity or immediately if you request to stop participating in Fetch.Rewards don’t expire, but they’re subject to account maintenance fees after six months of inactivity.
Referral ProgramWhen you join Fetch, they give you a special code just for you. When your friends use this code, you both get 3,000 points.If you bring in friends to Ibotta or use a friend’s special code when you sign up, you both get a welcome bonus – a total of $20.
Best for…Any type of purchaseIn-store offers and online shopping
Opportunity for Most SavingsGrocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, and warehouse clubsGrocery stores, department stores, clothing stores

How does Ibotta Work?

  • Ibotta is different from Fetch because it gives you cash back on specific grocery items, not just any receipt.
  • You can find cash back offers for individual products at over 2,000 popular stores with Ibotta. Simply add the offers you like to your Ibotta shopping list in the app.
  • Shop for those items in-store or online, then snap a picture of your receipt to earn real cash.
  • Don’t miss out on weekly bonuses from Ibotta to boost your cash back rewards.
  • Take advantage of ‘Free After Offer’ deals on Ibotta to score tons of free stuff. Use these in-app deals to try new products from brands partnered with Ibotta.
  • Once you hit the $20 minimum cash-out threshold, you can transfer your earnings straight to PayPal or your bank card. Alternatively, swap your rewards for gift cards at your favorite retailers.

Is Ibotta Safe?

Ibotta is a no problem at all application to utilize. Your data is constantly remained careful with solid assurances, both in programming and equipment. They utilize extravagant encryption (like a mystery code) to ensure your information stays private, and they even message you to twofold check it's truly you before you can take out your cash or use installment stuff.

But, if you’re the kind of person who really cares about keeping stuff private, there’s a catch. Ibotta actually sells your information to other companies to make money. It’s a bit tricky to know exactly what those other companies do with your info and how safe it is once it’s in their hands.

Pros and Cons of Ibotta

It’s totally free to use. You can shop from over 300 different stores.You have to reach at least $20 before you can get your money.
They give you a cool $20 in welcome bonuses. Refer a friend and get an extra $10 bonus.It’s a bit of a hassle to add offers before you can start shopping.
You earn cash back even when you buy gift cards.Uploading receipts can be annoying.
There are extra bonuses to grab, so you can earn more.The offers are often tied to specific stores or brands.
Ibotta covers all kinds of shopping, like groceries and more.Watching ads is part of the deal.
You can team up with friends using Ibotta Teamwork to reach savings goals and get bonuses.You can only make online purchases through the app.
Whatever cash back you earn shows up in your account within 24 hours.If you don’t cash out for 6 months, they hit you with a $3.99 fee, which feels a bit much considering you need at least $20 to cash out.

How does Fetch Work?

  • Using Get is totally secured - no necessity for Mastercards, essentially get together with your phone number, and you're good to go, procuring those unqualified gift vouchers. They get their money through accessories, so you get the assistance for no good reason.

Is Fetch Safe?

Fetch safety
Image by fetch.com

Utilizing Get is absolutely protected - no requirement for Mastercards, simply join with your telephone number, and you're all set, acquiring those unconditional gift vouchers. They bring in their cash through accomplices, so you get the help for nothing.

To keep things secure, Fetch checks your device before you can redeem rewards. Just follow the simple verification instructions on the Rewards tab using the email linked to your account. When your reward is ready to use, Fetch will let you know through the app and send you an email. Just go to the Rewards section in the app, find your reward, and do what it says to activate it. You might need to type in a security code.

Pros and Cons of Fetch

It’s super easy to use – no need to scan barcodes or unlock offers.They don’t give as many deals as other apps.
Uploading receipts is quick – no waiting around.You don’t get many points for receipts without special offers.
Get e-gift cards fast when you redeem points.You can’t get cash back, only gift cards.
Signing up is totally free.Unlike some other apps, you can’t get your rewards through PayPal.
You can earn either gift cards or real cash.The points you earn don’t convert to much money – 1 point is only worth 0.001 dollars.
Score 25 points for every receipt, no matter how much you spent or what you bought.A lot of people say the app has technical problems.

Similarities between Ibotta and Fetch

Both Fetch and Ibotta provide users with fantastic opportunities to earn rewards on their purchases, making them quite similar in various aspects:

  • Free to Use: You won’t have to spend a dime on either the Fetch or Ibotta apps – they’re completely free. No hidden charges or subscription fees. So, any money you make through these apps goes straight into your pocket, making it a win-win situation.
  • Simple Receipt Submission: Both apps make it easy for you to earn rewards by simply submitting your purchase receipts. Whether it’s snapping a photo or scanning a physical receipt, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they understand the digital age, so you can even use online or electronic receipts. Take your time, as you have at least a week to upload your receipts. This flexibility lets you do it when it’s convenient for you, fitting into your schedule seamlessly.
  • User-Friendly Experience: One great thing about both apps is that they’re completely free to use. You won’t incur any costs, and everything you earn is a delightful bonus. While you do need to invest a bit of time in scanning receipts or exploring offers, the learning curve is gentle. Whether you’re a seasoned cashback app user or a newcomer, both Fetch and Ibotta offer straightforward and user-friendly experiences.
  • Earning Potential: The earning potential with these apps is impressive. Fetch lets you accumulate rewards points from any store receipt, while Ibotta has partnerships with numerous major retailers like Walmart, Costco, CVS, Kroger, Target, and Whole Foods Market. The more you shop, the more your potential to earn rewards grows, putting you in control of your savings.
  • Redemption Options: Flexibility is key when it comes to redeeming rewards, and both apps deliver on this front. Fetch allows you to choose from a variety of free gift cards, catering to your preferences. Ibotta offers options like PayPal deposits, bank deposits, or gift cards, ensuring you can pick the bonus that suits you best.
  • Referral Bonuses: Both Fetch and Ibotta sweeten the deal with referral bonuses, providing an easy way to boost your earnings. Sharing your unique referral code or link from your account can earn you bonuses when someone signs up using it. Your friend, in turn, needs to either redeem an offer on Ibotta or scan and submit their first receipt, leading to bonus cash for both of you.

Does Fetch Pay More Than Ibotta?

Make Money

With Fetch, you can collect points by capturing pictures of receipts from any store. On the other hand, Ibotta has joined forces with big-name stores like Costco, CVS, Kroger, Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods Market to give you cashback. Both apps let you boost your earnings through various opportunities, and they even offer referral bonuses when you get your friends and family to join the fun.

Ibotta has an edge over Fetch because it gives you more ways to earn rewards. When you shop at certain stores with Ibotta and connect your loyalty account, you can automatically get rewards without having to scan receipts. Unfortunately, Fetch doesn’t have this feature. With Fetch, you always have to scan your receipts to earn rewards.

Can You Use the Same Receipt for Ibotta and Fetch?

Luckily, you can upload a single receipt to both Fetch and Ibotta, as well as some other shopping apps. Sometimes, these apps have the same deals for the same stuff. This is a great way to make some extra cash – just upload your receipt to different apps and earn from each of them. To boost your earnings, try using both apps together. Use Ibotta for more ways to earn, and don’t forget to scan all your receipts with Fetch. This way, you can make the most out of both apps.

How to Choose the Best Cashback App for You?

  • Understanding Your Shopping Style: Take a moment to think about what you usually buy. Knowing your habits helps you find cashback apps that align with your favorite purchases. Some apps focus on specific categories like travel or groceries, while others cover a broader range.
  • Comparing App Features: Once you’ve identified your go-to purchases, check out different cashback apps. See if they team up with the places you often shop. Compare the cashback rates – some offer a flat rate, while others give a percentage of your spending. Don’t forget to look into any extra perks, like coupons or referral rewards, to get the most out of your cashback experience.
  • Checking User Reviews: Before making a decision, check user reviews. See what people are saying about the app’s ease of use, reliability, and how quickly they get paid. Pay attention to reviews from people whose shopping habits match yours, as they’ll give you a realistic picture.

How to Maximize Cashback Rewards?

Cashback Rewards

  • Save Your Receipts for Backup: Don’t toss your receipts right away after scanning. Mistakes happen, so it’s smart to keep them until you confirm your rewards. Check Ibotta on Thursdays and make it a routine to ensure everything’s correct. Remember, there’s a deadline for scanning, so don’t delay.
  • Grab Special Deals: Keep an eye on special offers in both apps for higher rewards. Fetch has special items giving up to 10,000 points. Even if you don’t need them now, it’s worth grabbing these offers for immediate rewards and stocking up.
  • Claim Your Welcome Bonus: Both Ibotta and Fetch offer welcome bonuses, but there are conditions. For Ibotta, redeem an offer within 15 days. Ensure you’re a new user on the device to claim the bonus.
  • Hunt for Bonuses: Look for additional bonuses on the apps, offering an extra $1 or $2 for redeeming specific offers.
  • Plan Your Shopping Moves: Strategize your shopping for the best rewards. Ibotta rocks in larger stores, Fetch covers clubs, liquor stores, and independents. Plan ahead and sometimes use both apps for maximum gains.
  • Maximize Individual Purchases: Plan your purchases for higher redemption rewards. Take advantage of bonuses like buying three items for an extra reward. Sometimes buying smaller items can make your purchase practically free.
  • Watch for Repeat Offers: Some offers come back regularly, especially for your favorite items. Keep an eye out for patterns or recurring deals.
  • Stack Your Savings: Stack your rebates for extra savings. Combine “any item” or “any brand” deals with specific brand or item offers. More deals mean more cashback.
  • Pair with In-Store Sales and Coupons: Look for in-store sales and external coupons that match your app offers. Combine sale prices, local paper coupons, and app cashback for even bigger savings.
Whether it's Ibotta's large number of arrangements or the effortlessness of Get, both applications assist you with setting aside cash and procure rewards. At last, the ideal decision relies upon individual propensities and necessities.

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