Ridiculous Magnificence Principles We Really want To Drop quickly.

Magnificence principles are different around the world, yet tragically, a few unreasonable and ridiculous assumptions are still around after hundreds of years. In this period of female strengthening and body energy, we really want to drop these obsolete excellence guidelines keeping us down. Here are the tight standards we want to shed to embrace the genuine range of excellence that exists inside every one of us.

1.No stretch marks

What are we, Barbie Dolls? Stretch marks are 100% normal, whether you’ve had kids or lost/gained weight at some point in your life. For many women, these warrior marks are a sign of growth and strength. Our body has undergone so many changes and allowed us to transform throughout the years. Whether it’s from losing or gaining weight, pregnancy, or just growing, these marks are a badge of honor that we should never be ashamed of.

2. Round hips

There are tons of workout videos claiming that you can get rid of hip dos and obtain perfectly round hips to give you that coveted hourglass figure. Realistically, no exercise can fill in this gap, which exists due to our build and genetics. Since these aren’t things we can change, we suggest you remember that hips are always a sign of feminine sensuality, no matter what shape or size yours come in. Here’s to embracing our all-encompassing beauty instead of fixating on the little things.

3. Manicured nails

Women are constantly being pressured to get their nails done, which is something that takes time and money. Additionally, some just don’t like the feeling of anything on their nails. While prioritizing self-care is fine, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin and express yourself the way that you want to. 

4. Straight, perfect pearly whites

Having a gap or teeth that are crooked is totally normal. Not all human dental anatomy is the same, after all, and there’s no one-size-fits-all dental standard. A crooked or gapped smile can be beautiful — never be ashamed to hide your smile or keep a closed mouth in photos because you don’t think it’s good enough. That just perpetuated these harmful societal beauty standards. 

5. A sharp jawline

Facial features like jawlines are another beauty standard that people are forced to conform to. While we think that a baby face with softer features can be just as stunning and charming, a strong jawline is often more coveted. Getting surgery to change your chin or cheeks shouldn’t be a replacement for self-worth.

6. Bounce-back culture

This toxic trend refers to the societal expectation for new moms to return to their pre-baby bodies and looks as quickly as possible. It’s unsafe for new moms to prioritize their looks over their emotional and physical health, especially at a time when their bodies are going through so much. Everybody is different and heals differently.  Instead, we should be celebrating new mothers for being as resilient and strong as they are. That in itself is a thing of beauty. 

7. No armpit fat

Otherwise referred to as “armpit puff,” there are plenty of articles and videos that promise to get rid of this. However, targeted spot removal with fat isn’t possible, and a buildup in the area is often due to genetics, hormones, or other conditions. Society puts a lot of unrealistic pressure on women to have toned bodies but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there’s no such thing as perfect.

8. Tamed hair

Although frizzy hair is frustrating, it’s something that we can’t change without a significant amount of styling and hair products. Unfortunately, frequent straightening can lead to even fluffier, frizzier hair over time. Rather than trying to transform your locks into something they’re not, embrace our hair’s natural uniqueness and let that be a source of confidence to you.

9. Smooth skin

We all suffer from acne and other skin issues occasionally, yet women are expected to look flawless and blemish-free in real life. However, in real life, there is no Photoshop, filters or Facetune. Instead, skin is filled with imperfections and textures. This isn’t a bad thing — they’re individual characteristics that make you unique. Rather than comparing yourself to super-edited pictures, embrace your skin as is and ignore the critics!

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