Ripple’s Huge Transfers Coincide with Bitcoin Surge; Ethereum Enthusiasts Drawn to This Novel AI Altcoin


The cryptocurrency market might be in for a shift in loyalties as far as top altcoins like Ethereum are concerned. Even as Ethereum makes new gains in the crypto market, many of its holders are now showing interest in the newly launched altcoin InQubeta (QUBE). 

Incidentally, InQubeta is also built on the Ethereum network. The platform helps startups working in the artificial intelligence (AI) field find legitimate investors for their projects. The surge in its popularity can be gauged by its presale growth. In just a few months, InQubeta has bagged a spot on the list of 2023’s best new ICOs after its presale funding reached $4 million. 

Meanwhile, a surge in Bitcoin prices has coincided with sizable Ripple transfers, leaving many crypto holders in a dilemma. In October, two transactions collectively worth over $220 million and around 500 million Ripple tokens were made. One of them was sent to Bitstamp Exchange from Ripple Labs. Ripple Labs has a strategic alliance with Bitstamp Exchange. 

If you are confused about what’s driving the interest in Ripple and InQubeta, check out a description of their key features.

InQubeta: Driving DeFi-fueled growth for AI startups

InQubeta has been winning hearts right, left, and center in the crypto market because of its progressive features and a model that seeks to promote AI innovation. Its launch comes at a time when AI has been making phenomenal advances across sectors and is being seen as a game-changing technology. 

The QUBE platform combines the efficiency of Ethereum with its niche code architecture to create a transparent and user-friendly crowdfunding source for startups. As the platform connects promising startups with bona fide investors, it helps in promoting not just AI innovation but also financial inclusion among crypto users. It’s of little surprise why analysts consider it a frontrunner in the race for 2023’s best crypto. 

The platform has created a native cryptocurrency that determines all transactions within the InQubeta ecosystem. Called the QUBE token, the cryptocurrency is modelled on the ERC20 standard and a supply that’s capped at 1.5 billion units. The majority of the supply is diverted for presale stages, while the rest of the tokens are used to meet legal expenses and fund marketing activities, among other purposes. 

This top altcoin offers its holders a unique earning opportunity via staking. So, token holders can stake their tokens and validate transactions. In exchange, they can earn rewards for their efforts. The InQubeta team maintains a separate rewards pool for the purpose which is funded by tax proceeds collected from community members.

Important decisions on InQubeta are taken in consultation with all stakeholders as is the case with decentralized governance. The InQubeta team looks after the operations but community members can submit their suggestions, propose changes, or voice their concerns. 

The suggestions and changes are first discussed to assess their validity and then put to a vote. As QUBE token holders have exclusive voting privileges, they can ensure that only changes that are good for the platform are implemented.

Ripple’s XRP and KRW top trading pair on the South Korean crypto exchange

Ripple is a leading decentralized platform that creates enterprise-grade solutions for businesses that include processing online transactions and helping central banks issue digital currencies. It’s powered by the XRP Ledger technology and its native token is called XRP.

In a recent development, Ripple and KRW were announced as the most popular trading pair on the South Korean crypto exchange Upbit. According to crypto research firm Kaiko, the year-to-date transaction volume of the XRP-KRW pair is currently over $30 billion. The pair is followed by BTC-KRW. 

Ripple has also made huge transfers to Bitstamp and Bitso as it enjoys a strategic relationship with these exchanges. The move could be aimed at ensuring sufficient liquidity and highlighting the popularity of XRP trading pairs among investors. 


While both Ripple and QUBE tokens are among the top cryptos to invest in, InQubeta has an edge over Ripple due to its unconventional model. InQubeta’s use case has the potential to catalyze an entire industry while promoting the application of a revered technology like AI. 

It does all this while ensuring that its token holders can make substantial gains by investing in startups. The cherry on the cake is how it makes these investment opportunities budget-friendly through fractionalization. 

Lastly, there is a strong security framework that ensures all assets on the network and users’ privacy.


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