7 Actors You Think Are American But Aren’t

Most people associate famous actors with being American, since Hollywood is still the reference when it comes to showbusiness. We kind of assume that people spending a lot of time there were either born there or just at least from the same country.
That notion is often wrong, though. Let’s take a look at some A-list actors that aren’t American at all, despite the fact it might look that way sometimes.

Bruce Willis

This might be hard to believe, but Bruce is actually German and was born in West-Germany. He’s still one of the most American action heroes out there, though!

Keanu Reeves

Keanu is from the good part of America, which is also known as Canada. The John Wick actor has given us dozens of hours in lovely action movies, so thanks Canada!
Keanu Reeves | Brain Berries

Mila Kunis

Despite her having no accent at all, Mila Kunis is actually Ukrainian and didn’t even set foot in America until she was seven years old.
Mila Kunis | Brain Berries

Christian Bale

Christian Bale has lived in the United States since he was seventeen, but he’s actually British.
Christian Bale | Brain Berries

Charlize Theron

She’s fluent in English, but Charlize Theron was actually born in South Africa and hadn’t left that country until she was sixteen. Her first language is Afrikaans and she still has her South African nationality.
Charlize Theron | Brain Berries

Ryan Gosling

Ryan, like many great actors that we think are American, is Canadian and is actually of French-Canadian descent.
Ryan Gosling | Brain Berries

Hugh Laurie

He’s known for being a very American doctor in House M.D., but Hugh Laurie is actually one of the most British people you’ll find. He even grew up in Oxford!
Hugh Laurie | Brain Berries

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