6 Simple Steps To Survive Black Friday

Thanksgiving and Black Friday go hand in hand and are some of the most iconic US holidays. While Thanksgiving is a purely American thing, Black Friday is celebrated globally, from Japan to Ukraine. Everyone knows that if you want to get the cheapest prices, you gotta wait for that big annual sale! 

The Black Friday is upon us and if you want to survive this mess of a “holiday”, you’re probably gonna need some help. 

Step 1: Plan ahead
Big stores and online shops usually tease their Black Friday sales a few days prior to the event, so do check their newsletters in your spam folder. Maybe there’s a special coupon or something, you never know!

Step 2: Local stores
Not all stores have internet pages, so ask your elderly neighbors if there are any sales going on in the nearby stores or markets. If anyone has that kind of intel, it’ll be them. You could finally get those packs of mac’n’cheese for cheap this time.
Local stores | 6 Simple Steps To Survive Black Friday | BrainBerries
Step 3: Prepare the list
Guess what? Lists are amazing! So put every single thing you want to buy on your phone or piece of paper. I’d recommend the paper because you will inevitably leave it in your “other pants” and need to strain your brain in the store to recollect which model of iPhone your grandson asked for. Was it 6 or 16? The answer is always “the newest one”!
Prepare the list | 6 Simple Steps To Survive Black Friday | BrainBerries
Step 4: Don’t go alone
It’s dangerous to go shopping alone during Black Friday. Not only because people turn into soulless monsters and can trample all over you, when they see the item they want with a -50% OFF price tag, but also because you only have 2 hands, dummy!
Don't go alone | 6 Simple Steps To Survive Black Friday | BrainBerries
Step 5: You’re gonna need a bigger car
Yeah, you didn’t think you could haul all those TVs, phones, and gaming consoles in your frail arms, did you? But whatever you do, do not use your own car because there’s no way you’ll find a free parking spot. Call an Uber, save a few nerve cells.
You're gonna need a bigger car | 6 Simple Steps To Survive Black Friday | BrainBerries
Step 6: Cyber Monday is a thing
Don’t forget about Cyber Monday, friends. It’s pretty much the same as Black Friday but in an online format. What’s that? Black Friday deals are all over the Internet too? Well, shoot, it looks like you could’ve just stayed at home and ordered whatever you wanted straight from your browser. How unfortunate, but maybe next year you’ll remember this nifty lifehack.
Cyber Monday is a thing  | 6 Simple Steps To Survive Black Friday | BrainBerries

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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