Artist Reimagines Our Favorite Food And Snacks As Human Characters

This super talented Instagram artist from Istanbul, Turkey named Lyra Rei managed to find a way to combine three things that she loves the most in life – cooking, eating, anime and drawing – and created a remarkable series of illustrations that simply blew out the media.
When you look at her art, you might think she might have a degree in digital art or something as her drawings look very professional, but you couldn’t be more wrong. She works full-time as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and part-time as an illustrator.
As any other artist, before starting working on any new piece, she does her research on the origin of a food or a snack she is about to illustrate. Her illustrations got so much diverse when people started commenting on her art and telling her about their local food.
She shares her incredible art works on Instagram where she has already got almost 85K followers. Most of her followers are anime fans from all over the world who are obsessed with Japanese culture just as much as she is, so it’s no wonder that most of her artworks are about Japanese food.
So, let’s have a look at some of her best works, shall we?
As a great Kitkat fan, I really enjoy this illustration. And Matcha Kitkat is one of my favorites. Her melting geta sandals is another reminder to always protect your chocolate during the summer heat.
Here’s another thing that is local to Japan – peach flavored Coca Cola. If I ever go visit Japan, I’m definitely gonna try it!
If you love ramen as much as I do, this one will definitely make you drool all over.

This one is dedicated to all Meatball heads out there!
In case, like me, you don’t know what dango is, I’ll tell you. Dango – is basically a sticky rice ball that comes with different sweet toppings. Definitely worth trying!

This one was very challenging for Lyra to draw. The shoes in particular. Lyra admitted that she used to have issues drawing them because she simply didn’t know how to do it properly. But practice makes perfect, am I right?
This is probably her most iconic drawing so far – The Sturbuck’s girl! It’s very grungy and this is what people love about it so much.
Any punk rockers out here? I like it way better than the previous one.

I like the expression on her face. I guess this is what we all look like when eating Xtremes Bites.
This is so 80s goth. I can even hear Robert Smith singing in the background.

This girl looks like she is running late for a class.
Strawberry cheesecake, anyone? This one is too cute to handle

Ramune girl! Another weird product that only exists in Japan. Would you dare to try it?
I don’t think there is a person who hates bubble milk tea. How could you, right? It’s so delicious!

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