Hero Or Not: Top Cringiest Things James Bond Has Ever Done

James Bond is the world’s most iconic movie spy. Men want to be like him. He is handsome. He’s a super-fighter. He is smooth with the ladies (or is he?). There are a lot of things about James Bond that have been considered heroic…until now. When looking back at the James Bond movies, it’s easy to see that this beloved hero is nothing more than a villain who brutally assaults and takes advantage of women, blows up his enemies, or leaves them to die in the desert.
James Bond did a lot of terrible things, some are more horrible than others. And yet, this superspy remains a role model for dozens of people. If you still think of James Bond as a badass guy who saves the world, I highly recommend you reevaluate your priorities. But meanwhile let’s have a look at some of the cringiest things James Bond has done so far…

He is forcing himself on women

James Bond movies are full of sexism and violence towards women. He treats women like things. There are several scenes in movies where he uses women as human shields to save his ass. And don’t even get me started on forcing women to sleep with him. Any sexual scene in James Bond movies starts with poor women trying to push Bond away when he makes a move on them. Eventually they all give in as Bond simply overpowers them.
James Bond doesn’t care for his girlfriends. He easily disposes them when he loses interest or the ladies just simply outlive their usefulness. In the movies, Bond is portrayed as a ladies’ man but in fact he is just a cheater and abuser.

That time when he left Dominic Greene to die in a desert in Quantum of Solace (2008)

After ruining Dominic’s plans for taking over water supplies in Bolivia, Bond gets all the information he needed from Greene, takes him to the middle of the desert and leaves him there to die. This is ugly bad even for Bond standards.

He is a racist

James bond might easily be one of the most racist movie characters in history. In the movie You Only Live Twice, in order to hide from SPECTER agents in Tokyo, Bond disguises as local by putting on fake eyebrows and changing his hair. The fact that he looks nothing like a Japanese man doesn’t change much because the entire scene is incredibly racist. Ok, I get it that the movie was made in the 60’s but come on, I’m surprised the movie even made it to the big screen.

He is an indiscriminate killer

Dr. No is the movie that set the tone for the entire franchise. It introduced us to the pretty women, fast cars and the famous “Bond, James Bond’ phrase. But that’s not all. The movie also introduced us to James Bond, the indiscriminate killer. In the final scene, Bond shoots his unarmed enemy letting us know he is a bad guy, not a hero.

That time when he threw his dead friend in the dumpster

Killing an unarmed villain is cruel, but what’s worse is throwing the body of your dead friend into a dumpster. When his friend René Mathis got shot dead in Quantum of Solace, Bond emptied his wallet and dumped the body in the dumpster. Still think he’s a hero? I don’t think so.

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