10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake

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Disney’s entire business model seems to revolve around sequels and remakes these days. And look, I don’t blame them. If the movies are bringing in the big bucks, why not go the easy way? Who would take a huge gamble and risk losing a lot of money? I mean a company as rich as Disney could definitely afford a little experimentation. And it would really please audiences who are absolutely sick of the remakes.
But despite all that, here are 10 movies that Disney should remake!


I have many fond memories of watching Hercules as a kid. Now, as an adult, I see that that movie is kinda a huge mess. I mean, the art styles are all whacky, the story is a weird mix of genres, the colors are way way too bright (even for Golden Era Disney). It seems like the creators of that movie put in every single thing they could to ensure that Hercules was going to be a hit. It kinda worked at the time, but looking back — we deserve a better version of Hercules.
Hercules | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Treasure Planet

I was crazy about this movie. It’s probably my favorite Disney cartoon of all time. As a matter of fact, it is because Hercules was such a huge hit that the creators of Treasure Planet got to make their movie. This movie was in the works for nearly a decade before Disney gave it the green light. However, Disney really didn’t put much money into this film’s marketing, so it didn’t strike box office gold the way Hercules did. And so, I think it’s about time for Disney to remake this movie and dazzle audiences with pirates that are in space.
Treasure Planet | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Robin Hood

There have been so many remakes of Robin Hood over the years, but only one, single cartoons from Disney. Seems to me like that’s a great reason for them to revisit this character again.
Robin Hood | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Peter Pan

Okay, we did have a very bad Peter Pan movie that came out a few years ago. You probably don’t remember it (because it sucks), but it was there. The whole movie went off the rails because of production problems, so I think it’s time for Disney to give it another chance and try to make another live-action remake of the amazing cartoon.
Peter Pan | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Mickey Mouse

Here’s the thing — Mickey Mouse is the pinnacle of Disney intellectual property, and yet there hasn’t been a proper Mickey Mouse cartoon or movie in a really long time. What gives? How come? I think it’s time for Disney to consider a Mickey Mouse remake.
Mickey Mouse | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Emperor’s New Groove

Look, this cartoon was hilarious. There were so many quotable moments. If you could remake the movie now, for a slightly older audience, it would absolutely be a box office hit. So, why doesn’t Disney remake it?
Emperor’s New Groove | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie is at once a Halloween and Christmas classic. And since Disney loves remakes and also loves making movies to coincide with holidays, I think it would be a great idea to revisit old Jack and give us a remake of Nightmare Before Christmas. When this movie originally came out, it had a very unique style for a Disney movie, and I think with the advancements in technology Disney could easily dazzle us with a whole new way of showing us this story. How about a Nightmare Before Christmas, but in VR?!
Nightmare Before Christmas | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar


All I have to say about this idea is that the movie version of the Cats musical has already gone viral and become a meme. The anthropomorphic cats landed square in the uncanny valley, and it seems like this was very much by design. So, since Disney has very few of their own original ideas, maybe they could ride this wave of anthropomorphic cats with their own remake of Aristocats?
Aristocats | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Chicken Little

My pitch for this movie is really straightforward (and super topical): Chicken Little, but instead of the sky falling we have the world burning. The whole movie would be about how brave it would be to go vegan and stop using plastic and fossil fuels to save the world from an impending climate catastrophe.
Chicken Little | 10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake | Zestradar

Lilo & Stitch

I’m not encouraging you to google what Lilo & Stitch would look like if they made a live-action or 3D animation version of it, but those images are out there and they look awesome. They’re weird, they’re kinda scary, but I think a live-action version of Lilo & Stitch would be the best thing Disney could possibly do.

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