The Best Selling Car Models Right Now

Since it’s becoming harder and harder to get anywhere without a car, it’s no mystery why this business is booming like never before. Back in the day when people started driving cars, there were barely a handful of models. Now you can look in any street and instantly see a dozen or more cars that have different brands, models or options. But which car do we buy the most?
Car trends and prices change constantly, so this list will just mention the best sellers worldwide as we compose this article. For this reason, mentioning sales numbers seems unnecessary. Let’s see what we turn up with. Don’t expect any luxury cars on this.

Ford Focus
It’s hard to not like a Ford Focus: it’s got power, it’s got a bit of bite, it drives pretty sporty and it’s fairly cheap. The guide price – without options – is south of $20,000 so most young people should be able to afford one. Second hand, if need be.

Honda CR-V
It’s one of the rare SUV’s that managed to get into the Chinese market, and it’s got a hybrid version now too! And don’t get me started on the amazing level of comfort and space this beast offers. Very decent car, for a very decently priced $30,000 – without options.

Toyota Camry
While this might not be the most attractive car on paper, it does have high reliability on its side. It’s not the most comfortable car, it doesn’t have the most power and it certainly isn’t the most beautiful car you’ll ever see – but it is the most balanced one.

Volkswagen POLO
Apparently, for every four cars Volkswagen sells, one of them is a POLO. I think that speaks volumes about this car. It’s a fairly cheap one (not even $20,000) and it’s reliable. It won’t do rough terrain well, but that’s probably part of the reason why it’s mainly so popular in Europe.

Volkswagen Tiguan
There’s nothing overly special about this car, but like the Toyota Camry, it’s a very reliable choice for your money. Only difference is that this one is an SUV instead of a regular sedan. It’s on the slightly more expensive side with a price tag of $35,000.

Toyota RAV4
Like all Toyota cars, really, this is a pretty reliable SUV for the money (about $25,000). The off-road performance for this isn’t overly good, but why would you want what is essentially a family car for off-road driving?

Honda Civic
Oh those Asian cars! They’re so reliable, everyone wants one. I’m pretty sure we all know a guy that drives a Honda Civic, and it’s hardly a surprise when your car is such good value for money (again, sub-$20,000). And they drive fairly sporty, too!

Volkswagen Golf
The most successful hatchback in the world, the Volkswagen Golf has been a recognized car for many, many years. It’s no wonder that we find this car so high up this list, and it’s priced at a very reasonable $25,000.

Ford F Series
This car screams “America”, and it’s the best-selling car on that side of the pond. The basic F-150 pick up is priced at a very managable $28,400 and really is sooo American. Little known fact: The F-150 is the chariot of choice for those pulling in more that $500,000/year. Reason? It’s a real value/bang for the buck rig and we know that the wealthy are looking for value – that how they got wealthy!

Toyota Corolla
Another car priced around $20,000 and another car made in Asia. Like most Toyota cars, it’s horribly balanced in the sense that it has no clear upsides but no major downsides either. It’s the most popular car in the world, and why shouldn’t it be?

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