Eight Affluent Celebs Who Will Leave Their Children Without Fortune

On the off chance that you feel that being naturally introduced to an affluent celeb family implies you won't need to consider cash until kingdom come, well, you're not so much off-base. All things considered, there are celebs who have an alternate thought regarding childhood. Some of them accept that you shouldn't ruin your children by giving them all that they need. It may be to some degree worthy right off the bat throughout everyday life, except then they should in any case work for themselves and procure their own cash. Here are 8 affluent celebs who will leave their children without fortune. 

George Lucas 

George Lucas might be an incredible name in the film business and he has certainly earned his billions with difficult work and novel vision, yet his youngsters probably won't feel such cheerful about their father's perspectives. George Lucas has four of them and he emphatically accepts they should work to help themselves. He's not intending to leave them his fortune, which is around $6,400,000,000.

Gordon Ramsay

The multi-mogul gourmet specialist has become well known with his incredible Damnation's KitchenTV show that has a large number of individuals stuck to the screens. Gordon Ramsay's fortune is around $190,000,000 and he wouldn't like to leave a dime of it to his five children! At the point when they're flying on a plane together, he's having a top of the line seat, however his family appreciates none of that since he accepts they've never buckled down enough to have such extravagance. Henceforth, they don't get the opportunity to appreciate it! 

Gordon Ramsay | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the most well known 90s hand to hand fighting stars. We simply love all the insane tricks he acted in various motion pictures! In any case, Jackie is intending to give the entirety of his $350,000,000 fortune to noble cause, leaving nothing for his little girl and child. He's certain that his child can bolster himself without father's cash and he hasn't generally been a piece of his girl's life, so she won't get anything either. 

Jackie Chan | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are staying under the radar with regards to their children and family. They may be working in showbiz, however they aren't hauling their children into the spotlight. Ashton Kutcher accepts that a lot of cash can ruin an individual and that his children don't understand what uncommon lives they're living. He's not intending to leave his fortune to them as he might suspect they ought to gain their own business.

Ashton Kutcher | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar

Elton John

Elton John is perhaps the greatest name in the music business and has surely made an immense fortune during the brilliant days of his profession. He has two children, however they won't be spoilt by their father's $450,000,000 fortune. All things considered, Elton John isn't excessively exacting as he needs his children to be monetarily autonomous and will do everything to assist them with accomplishing that. Be that as it may, they should figure out how to win their own cash! 

Elton John | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar


With a gauge total assets of $400,000,000 Sting is likewise one of those celebs who lean toward not to ruin their children with cash. He's glad that his six kids are monetarily free and urges them never to depend on his salary. All things considered, generally on the grounds that he's bustling spending it himself on different endeavors. In any case, on the off chance that any of them needs any money related assistance, he won't spare a moment a second. 

Sting | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell may appear to be severe and condemning on the shows he's doing, however he's not too awful, all things considered. All things considered, he's one of those celebs who accept their riches ought to go to good cause as opposed to their youngsters, and we simply need to acknowledge that reality. Be that as it may, he likewise accepts that the best thing a big name parent (or any parent besides) can provide for a kid is his time, consideration, love, and chances to do well throughout everyday life. That is the thing that issues most! 

Simon Cowell | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar

Mark Zuckerberg

Imprint Zuckerberg is a shocking character and a few people think of him as a virtuoso. The prime supporter of Facebook is surely perhaps the wealthiest man on earth with a gauge fortune of $72 billion. Will he leave any of it to his youngsters? Unquestionably not. 99% of Imprint Zuckerberg's riches will go to good cause, while his children should work to help themselves.

Mark Zuckerberg | 8 Wealthy Celebs Who Will Leave Their Kids Without Fortune | Zestradar

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