Dream Goal – Sky Tidal pond In Iceland

It's strange to discuss travel in 2020s since this is unquestionably how we anticipated that the year should go. The greater part of us had summer excursions arranged, celebrations to go to, gigs to join in, individuals to meet. In any case, rather, we're completely stuck at home, taking a gander at a similar four dividers, thinking about what new hellfire the new day will bring. Be that as it may, how about we attempt to be sure for a moment, regardless of how odd and abnormal it may appear right now. We should set out to trust that next years will be unique, and better.

Let’s imagine that in 2021 this pandemic will be over, life will be returning to normal and hopefully, we’ll be able to travel again. What’s the first place you’d want to do? Would you like a busy megapolis night out, a seaside vacation at the beach or a hike in the mountains? Let me tell you about a unique option that combines so many good things it seems surreal.
#2 | 2021 Dream Destination – Sky Lagoon In Iceland | Zestradar
In spring 2021, a new retreat is meant to open up in Iceland. It’s called Sky Lagoon and it’s the stuff of dreams. It’s an oceanfront retreat with geothermal waters. You’ll have the opportunity to bathe in a geothermal natural pool, under the open sky, with the view of the ocean and beautiful nature all around you. And if you’re lucky and come at the right time you’ll also be able to see the Northern lights while sipping a cocktail in the pool. Yeah, we know it sounds pretty freaking magical.
#3 | 2021 Dream Destination – Sky Lagoon In Iceland | Zestradar
The idea is that you’ll be able to relax, physically, emotionally and spiritually, connect to nature on a whole new level, all while receiving the best level of hospitality and enjoying yummy foods and drinks made on sight.
#4 | 2021 Dream Destination – Sky Lagoon In Iceland | Zestradar
Sky Lagoon is located close to Reykjavik city centre, in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur. This will give their guests an opportunity to dip in and out of the retreat and still be able to explore the city whenever they’re in the mood for something more upbeat.
#5 | 2021 Dream Destination – Sky Lagoon In Iceland | Zestradar
They promise a cool pool and an ocean view sauna on sight, and the whole place is designed to mimic and blend in with the natural landscape of Iceland. There will even be a 70-meter infinity-edge pool that is meant to provide not only the view of the ocean but also serve as a way to blend the edge of the retreat with the surrounding area seamlessly.
#6 | 2021 Dream Destination – Sky Lagoon In Iceland | Zestradar
All in all, it seems like an incredible idea and while there is no exact date for when this magical place will open, they do say ‘spring 2021’ on the official website. So let’s hope it actually opens up then and we’ll be able to go and witness the beauty and hospitality of Iceland at Sky Lagoon.
#7 | 2021 Dream Destination – Sky Lagoon In Iceland | Zestradar

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