10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home

Somewhere out there in the multiverse, a version of you is getting ready to fly out to the Bahamas, where you’d be drinking gin and tonics for days to come. But our world is different. The pandemic made it almost impossible for many of us to leave our countries, so we need to do everything we can to survive. And that means taking a vacation at home. But don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of activities you can do slothing on your couch!

1. Watch TV Shows and/or Movies
What could be more exciting than binging TV shows on your huge plasma TV? Obviously, doing it on some beach in the Maldives, but since we’re not allowed to do that, let’s stick to the home version. There has to be a series that you’ve been wanting to watch for years but didn’t have the time. Maybe Supernatural or the recently finished Agents of SHIELD? And hey, if you like Marvel movies, you could just marathon all of the MCU! The possibilities are endless, but only the most hardcore couch potatoes, like myself, will choose this option, so let’s move on.
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home | Brain Berries
2. Get that Gamer Bread, Floor Gang!
Got a PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, or just a good old PC? Then you’re in luck, because gaming is even better than watching TV. And in case you suck at games, you can just beat them on YouTube. There are awesome games in every imaginable genre, which means you’re bound to find something that suits you, even if it’s some hentai graphic novel about furries and tentacle monsters. I’m sure it exists. Hell, even your phone or tablet can run some fun games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Banner Saga, and many of the Final Fantasy titles. But what if you’re too lazy to deal with all that?
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #2 | Brain Berries
3. Just… Sleep?
This may sound somewhat depressing, but hear me out. Go to bed, and sleep through the whole vacation-slash-lockdown! Imagine how great it would feel to just relax and doze off on a Monday afternoon. No work, no chores, just sweet oblivion. Leave the problems to the future you!
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #3 | Brain Berries
4. Write a Novel
You could start with a diary, but you’re not 14 anymore. Being a writer is pretty easy. You just think of a subject you want to cover, set it in a fantasy or sci-fi world, come up with a couple of plot twists and sudden main character deaths, and voila – you’re the new George Martin!

5. Start Working Out
What better time to start looking out for yourself than now? Lose those extra pounds, build muscle, and become famous on TikTok for your body transformation. This way you may find some new friends or even something more serious. Sponsors, I mean sponsors. So what are you waiting for? Start crunching!
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #5 | Brain Berries
6. Learn to Cook
If you’re one of those master-chefs who can only cook water and maybe fry some eggs, it’s high time for you to dip your chef fingers into meats, fish, and dough. Cooking is never a redundant skill and will be your trusty ally till the day you stop moving. If you’re new to this, start with omelets, bread, and pasta. Just google “easy recipes,” and you’ll discover a whole new world of flavors!
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #6 | Brain Berries
7. Yoga Is Life
Learn the ancient art of calming the body and mind right in your living room. It’s not exactly a workout, but yoga will help you become more relaxed, strengthen your core, and make you insanely flexible, so you could finally scratch that one spot on your back like your right leg.
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #7 | Brain Berries
8. Dungeons&Dragons Are Cool Again!
D&D is more popular than ever these days thanks to Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds apps, which allow people to roll the dice with friends online. But hey, if D&D is not your cup of tea, there’s a plethora of other ​​board games you can play. However, many of the games require people sitting at one table, which is not ideal in our current state. Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Warhammer 40k, Dice Throne, or even the good old chess – the list goes on!
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #8 | Brain Berries
9. Break the Lockdown Rules!
As long as you’re doing the social distancing right, you can go outside, which means bikes are your best friends. A long bike ride around your neighborhood will allow you to unwind, see something new, enjoy the fresh wind blowing your face, and work on your calves as a bonus.
 10 Fun Ways to Take a Vacation at Home #9 | Brain Berries
10. Do Nothing
No movies, no internet, no music – nothing. Clear your mind, and meditate. Fun fact: the Dutch have invented their own philosophy called “niksen,” which basically says: if there is nothing to do, then do nothing. It’s that simple, but in reality, it’s the hardest thing to do on this list. You could get FOMO or anxiety if you suddenly start realizing that you could be doing something instead of nothing.


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