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This year has certainly switched up our work schedules. While numerous consultants were telecommuting previously, this year has truly made office laborers switch up their schedules. A great deal of us have encountered this move towards far off work. For the individuals who loathed the workplace condition, telecommuting might've felt like a consolation, however following two or three weeks, we as a whole began understanding that there's a gigantic distinction between working distantly and really working from your home. Heaps of consultants like to proceed to work in a bistro for a piece during the week, simply switching up the earth truly assists with being more profitable.

Many studies show that being out in nature is beneficial for everyone’s mental health. And it looks like Swiss company Livit has created something that can help us.
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They’ve designed a study pod that will allow you to be outside and see more nature while still being sheltered and able to work. It’s a little pod that can be placed in your backyard, or in the forest, or anywhere out in nature that has one full glass wall that allows you to look out into nature and feel more at one with it while being able to work comfortably at the same time.
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The pod itself is quite small and will fit in most spaces. It’s only 2,5 meters long and 1,8 meters wide. The height is 2,1 meters which means even really tall people will be comfortable in it. It can be used for many purposes. Students can use it as a study room that’s more out in nature for when they want to focus on some studies yet be calmed by the view of nature. Freelancers can use this pod as their own little office that’s detached from their home, it would be like a literal change of space where they can go to work and not be distracted by their house chores.
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The pod is said to be spacious enough to fit a king-sized bed so you can also use it as a detached guest bedroom for when some relatives come over for a weekend. It’s definitely a more affordable option than buying a bigger apartment or building an extension to the house. This can just be placed in your backyard and that’s it. Your guest will have a separate place to sleep at night while being walking distance from all the commodities they might need in the main house.
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The pod can be bought with a detachable desk or without it, so you can change up what you use the room for. One of the more creative uses of the pod that Livit suggested is a detached yoga studio or gym. It sounds like a great idea for those who live in a small space but don’t like dealing with other people at the gym. Plus, going to the gym in the midst of a pandemic is kind of risky and since we’re all staying home a lot, exercising for the benefits of mental health and in order to keep your body fit should be a priority and a little gym pod would solve that problem.
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So far the study pod is only available in Europe but you can sign up on the website to be notified when they expand their shipping to other parts of the world. It’s a quirky but potentially interesting and useful solution for those who work at home and we’re looking forward to seeing what uses people will find for this invention. It certainly looks cool and sleek and we’re sure that alone will help it sell.

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