The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece

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If you’re in Greece for a vacation and you’re looking for some good cafes to visit and enjoy the atmosphere, the view and even snaps a few photos – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of places that we think are the best ones in Greece and we’re pretty sure that there’s a place for everyone on this list, no matter what your preference is. We really tried to look for the coolest and most beautiful cafes, so that once you’re in Greece you know exactly where to go.

1. Negrita, Mykonos

A beautiful cafe with a waterfront that combines a cosy yet stylish interior with an absolutely stunning view of the sea. A perfect spot for breakfast or dinner and drinks, and you know your Instagram snaps will get a bunch of likes thanks to that gorgeous view.

2.Little Kook, Athens

If you’re looking for the most Instagrammable cafe in Athens – go to Little Kook. They sell super colorful and Instagram worthy desserts and their decorations are on point all year round. It seems like every season they have a new theme and all of them are super cute and kooky. It’s a great place to take photos and satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings.

Little Kook, Athens | The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece | Zestradar

3. TAF (The Art Foundation), Athens

If you’re looking for a hipster hub to hang out in Athens, grab a coffee or a cocktail – head to The art Foundation. There’s plenty of seating, the drinks are good and the atmosphere is very chill yet creative and artsy. Well, exactly what you’d expect from a place called The Art Foundation. And here’s an interesting fact – this building used to be a detention facility in the past. How cool is that?

TAF (The Art Foundation), Athens | The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece | Zestradar

4. Fly Me Sun&Stars Bar, Lefkada

This is one of those spots you go to not only to enjoy the food and drinks but to have an out of body experience because the view here is absolutely mindblowing. The location of the place is so high up that you can feel like you’re actually above the clouds. And depending on the weather you will either get to see a gorgeous view of the sea or feel like you’re actually floating in the sky above cotton candy clouds.

5. Tango Bar, Santorini

If you want to have a nice drink and some good music and a hot spot for nightlife – Tango Bar in Santorini is absolutely ideal for that. It’s got that modern white interior that looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s designed beautifully and the views are to die for.

Tango Bar, Santorini | The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece | Zestradar

6. Blue Parrot, Athens

Blue Parrot in Athens is a green paradise for every plant lover. The coffee is great, their food is delicious, the place is super chill, to the point where you will most likely find a local cat on a chair next to you and a parrot that will let you pet him. It’s a solid place if you’re ever in Athens.

Blue Parrot, Athens | The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece | Zestradar

7. Galini Cafe, Santorini

Where you’re in it for the view or for the food – this cafe has both. The food here will have you drooling with how good it looks and how yummy it tastes. And the views are obviously amazing because you’re in Santorini, it’s pretty everywhere you look. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that’s not gorgeous here.

Galini Cafe, Santorini | The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece | Zestradar

8. Point A, Athens

It would be illegal to make a list of cafes and restaurants to visit in Greece and not include this one. Point A is a restaurant and bar with a perfect menu, the most amazing drinks and possibly the best view of the Acropolis ever. The interior here is gorgeous, the service is impeccable and oh my god the food is out of this world.

Point A, Athens | The 8 Most Beautiful Cafes In Greece | Zestradar

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