Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever


Romcoms can be either your greatest weapon or your worst enemy when it comes to spending an evening with your boo. On the one hand, if all goes well, and they start crying and awing like every five minutes, things are looking up! However, if you hear things like ‘Well, that’s just dumb! Did you see that? OMG, cringe!’ – congrats, you’ve chosen poorly, and now, the best you can hope for is cold pizza for breakfast.

A bad romcom can screw you over, so here are some movie titles you should add to your no-no list (or your “scare away” list).

1. “Employee of the Month”

Pop stars trying their strength in cinema usually does not lead to anything good. “Employee of the Month,” starring the ever-wonderful Jessica Simpson in the title role, is an explicit confirmation of this. Two supermarket workers, a loser and a perfectionist are fighting for their new, hot co-worker’s attention. For some wacky reason, they came to the idea that the only way to get her is to become an Alpha-male. And for a supermarket worker, that means getting the title of “employee of the month.”

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever | Brain Berries

2. “Over Her Dead Body”

At first glance, it would seem that the plot of the movie is not so bad. Paul Rudd’s girlfriend gets crushed by an ice angel statue, he’s trying to move on but feels like Eva Longoria’s spirit does not approve. So he seeks help from a medium, who falls in love with him, and then suddenly, we find out that Longoria’s ghost is real. It’s the cheesiest, super predictable comedy with a hint of romance. So unless you’re into that, please stay away from it!

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever #2 | Brain Berries

3. “My Boss’s Daughter”

If we can accept that Ashton Kutcher is a good actor and comedian, Tara Reid definitely wasn’t made for the big screen. It’s just not her element. “My Boss’s Daughter” is the kind of comedy where the owl gets the best and funniest role. Frankly, this movie has the right amount of cringe for me, so I actually like it.

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever #3 | Brain Berries

4. “Gigli”

It’s not often that comedies get nominated for the “Golden Raspberry” and even less often in the category “Worst Film of the Decade.” You have to agree that Jennifer Lopez, as a lesbian-killer, looks more intimidating than funny. And Ben Affleck’s gritty gangster seems to have all the hilarious scenes. So many wasted opportunities in this one.

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever #4 | Brain Berries

5. “The Hottie and the Nottie”

It is absolutely impossible to ignore this comedic “masterpiece” starring Paris Hilton. I don’t remember her ever starring in such a strange role. Here she plays Christabel, an incredibly gorgeous hottie, and her best friend is a creepy person with rotten teeth and warts all over her ugly face. But when one of Christabel’s fans decides to tidy up her gal pal, it turns out that she’s even hotter than Paris! What a twist, right?

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever #5 | Brain Berries

6. “Good Luck Chuck”

“Good luck Chuck” is one of those comedies that the Americans keep pumping out year after year. It’s a story about a magical dentist with a unique ability: after breaking up with him, all the girls instantly find their true love. He’s like a leprechaun wrapped in a bunch of four-leaf clovers. But what would happen if he met his real soulmate that looks like Jessica Alba?

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever #6 | Brain Berries

7. “The Heartbreak Kid”

Movies that have Ben Stiller in them are always a mixed bag. You can be sure that seeing him on the screen will lead to toilet humor one way or another. This is a rom-com about a man who marries a perfect girl who, surprise-surprise, turns out to be psychotic. So you have to ask yourself if that’s the kind of movie you want to watch right now?

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever #7 | Brain Berries

8. “40-Year-Old Virgin”

Filmmakers who got tired of polygamy decided to make a film about an eccentric guy who “saved himself” till he was 40. How is that even remotely funny? Not that I’m an alpha-giga-Chad, but this premise makes me sad. Usually, by the age of 40, men have grandkids or at least kids, not a bunch of comics. Oh, shut up, I’m not 40 yet!

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