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After the end of World War II many of the world’s countries were left in a bad way, Japan had been bombed, Germany had lost most of its power and India was waiting for its independence from the British Empire. Fast forward a few decades and many things have changed for these and other countries in the world, the list of the world’s most technologically advanced countries in 1945 and today are very different! Check out today’s list of the most technologically advanced countries.

12. China

Both Gunpowder and the compass were first used by China’s people. Today China is fully focussed on genetics, robotics, high speed trains, supercomputers and semiconductors.

China has two main points in its favor, affordable and cheap labour and a lot of space to build manufacturing plants. In addition to this the Chinese government gives companies tax breaks if they set up manufacturing plants in China. Huge well known companies like Google, Apple, Adidas, Zara all have plants in China benefiting from these tax breaks and cheap labour costs.

China | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

11. Netherlands

The Netherlands hosts many high tech companies that manufacture computers, telecommunication systems, scientific and medical instruments. On top of this the Netherlands has given the world such innovations as the compact disc, the pendulum clock, the telescope, the microscope and artificial kidneys!

Netherlands | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

10. Singapore

Singapore has recovered well from the crippled situation it found itself in after gaining its independence from Malaysia. Today Singapore is one of the main players in IT , in fact many of the top technology companies have their offices in Singapore.The country also has the fastest internet in the whole world, with home speeds going up to 1Gbps!

Singapore | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

9. Canada

Maybe this country is one of the biggest surprises on this list but Canada has seen a big boost in its technological sector over the last decade.Vancouver hosts many mobile tech companies, while Montreal and Ontario are well known for the R&D and technology sectors. On top of this both Biotechnology and space exploration are realms that Canada is known for.

Canada | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

8. England

England has a history that spans hundreds of years, in fact England was the first industrialised nation in the world. The locomotive engine, the worldwide web, the electrical telegraph, the discovery of Hydrogen, the jet engine and the electric motor are some inventions England has given to the world. In the days when the British Empire was big, this technology was of course shared with other countries, for example many rail tracks and bridges in India were built by the British being so well built they are still used today.

7. Finland

Finland is most known for Nokia: one of the world’s most successful mobile phone companies, but did you know the country has also given us all Linux, wireless wearable tech, Internet Relay Chat and the very first graphical user browser. Finland is a world leader in healthcare facilities and high tech projects. Top all this with the fact that Finland has the highest per capita income in the whole world!

Finland | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

6. Russia

The Russians of course were the first to send a man to space and also put the first human made object on the moon’s surface. Russia is also known for the manufacture of heavy machinery and of course its advanced military units with many of its missiles still considered to be the best in the world. Russia is also an innovator in the fields of medicine, nuclear energy, and lastly hosts some of the best computer hackers in the world!

 Russia | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

5. Germany

Germany did in fact loose the first world war, but the technological advances Germany made during the war are still being used today. Most of the world thinks that Germany has given us cars and Einstein, but Germany is a world leader in medicine, scientific research , military tech and engineering. The German government invests heavily in R&D and as a result new technology is being developed every day.

Germany | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

4. Israel

Would you believe that 35% of Israel’s exports are technology related? Israel has more tech companies than any other country in the NASDAQ, also Israel is in the top five countries in the world in space science. Lastly Israel’s military is one of the most advanced in terms of its medicine, civil drones, satellites and self driving cars! Waze the sat nav app was also an Israeli company before Google acquired it.

Israel | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

3. South Korea

South Korea has given us the technology companies LG, Hyundai and Samsung, brands that compete with some of the top companies in the world. Add to this the fact that the internet speed in South Korea is 3 times faster than in the US.

South Korea | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

2. USA

America is known to be a global superpower, advances in space technology alone have been a major contributor to this. The atomic bomb, the first man on the moon, pharmaceuticals, defence systems, telecommunications have been the USA’s focus for the last few decades, in fact the USA has the most powerful military in the world. Of course the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft only add to the USA’s plus list.

USA | 12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today | Brain Berries

1. Japan

Japan is known for its scientific research, making massive contributions to the world in fields such as electronics, automobiles, machinery, optics, earthquake engineering, robotics, metals and semiconductors. The nation has a goal to be less dependent on imported fuels, incorporating nuclear reactors to achieve this, at the same time winning many Nobel prizes. Companies such as Canon, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony and of course Nintendo are but a few of the world famous Japanese companies.

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