5 Blue Cities From Around the World

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Color is the essence of life – it infuses our hearts and mood with brightness. With so much darkness in the world, it’s nice to see things from a blue-soaked lens. Blue is the color of peace and wisdom. It has the ability to transport you to a heaven-like place. Blue has also been synonymous with loyalty, intelligence, and trust – all the qualities we should strive for within ourselves on a daily basis. Meet our favorite blue cities from around the globe.

Jodhpur, India

Welcome to the Blue City of Rajasthan, which is Jodhpur’s official nickname. This blue city has been regarded as an essential trade route because of its central-west location. As beautiful women in vibrant saris walk around equally vibrant spice markets, a blue-washed background is the perfect way to maintain a constant serenity amid the hustle and bustle of the city. The best blue view comes from Mehnarangh Fort.

5 Blue Cities From Around the World | Her Beauty

The story behind the blue: The indigo toned areas in the old quarter of this city near the Thar Desert existed so that people could easily recognize where Brahmins lived. Brahmins were the highest Indian caste, and when the color expanded in the city, the color became a symbol of elevated social class.

5 Blue Cities From Around the World #2 | Her Beauty

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Located nearby Tunisia, this humble village is more blue and white than solely blue. But white is equally peaceful and gorgeous, so we decided to include the magical Sidi Bou Said. Accentuating these gorgeous hues of blue with intermittent washes of white are damask doorways, bold and bold black studs. Often, doors and windows are colored blue as well, and the overarching Bay of Tunis.

The story behind the blue: This city has its name because it was dubbed after a disciple of Abu Madyan who was a famous resident of the area. But another person who lived there, known as Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger, is responsible for washing the city in blue. He was a French artist with a passion for painting.

Juzcar, Spain

Near Malaga, Spain is a village that’s less known, but just as magical. This village is actually called “Smurf Village” around the world for a reason we’ll soon reveal. Instead of looking too comical or similar to a cartoon, this city transformed to blue has an ethereal Mediterranean aesthetic that we’re obsessed with in the popular Spanish destination.

The story behind the blue: A tale of pop culture sits behind why this lovely city is blue-hued. Can you imagine that this village was actually chosen for “The Smurf 3D” movie? Sony told residents they could make homes white again, but the citizens voluntarily chose to keep it all blue. They must have fallen in love with the color’s supposed cooling abilities, which many adore it for.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco is already swirling with ethereal colors, but if you travel into the more rural town of Chefchaouen, a prominent World Heritage Site, you’ll reach a level of zen you never thought possible. It will provoke emotions within that you weren’t aware of previously. Built in 1471, the city is dotted with periwinkle blue walls and shutters, that make the background of the Rif Mountains even more stunning.

The story behind the blue: All those shutters and doors were imported by Jewish refugees fleeing Spain and the Spanish Inquisition. They sought refuge in this oasis of a city, and with their arrival, so did the uncanny tradition of painting walls blue. The city first became blue 22 years after its creation in 1471, and we can’t imagine what it looked like before.

Oia, Greece

It was hard to pick just one blue city in Greece, since it’s the master of blue towns since ancient times. This is another place that’s not pure in its blueness, but is often accented with white tones that only enhance the positive vibes. People have called Oia the most romantic town ever, making it a popular honeymoon and wedding.

The story behind the blue: Much of the time, these colors are an homage to the Greek flag, but the blue tones are also a way to combat the formidable heat, reflecting the beating sun’s rays. The look was created by blending a cleaning agent known as loulaki, with lime plaster.

Of course, there are other colorful cities around the world with rainbow-hued charm, such as the sherbet toned residences of Procida, Italy and the neon signs of Tokyo, Japan. But there’s just something about blue that makes us feel we can slowly inch towards a calmer world – one filled with less warm, and more peace.

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