6 Ways Growing A Beard Can Change Your Life


Facial hair is a polarizing subject. Some find it to be attractive and cool while others find it repulsive and irritating. It all depends on your personal preference but one thing is for sure. Beards are life-changing. Some people literally managed to turn their life around and make a career out of growing a beard. Don’t believe it? Well here are some actual facts that will prove to you exactly how a beard can change a man’s life.

1. Beards Save Time

Having to shave every morning can feel like such a chore to many men, not to mention that it can be pretty irritating on the skin. But growing a beard means you don’t have to shave all, maybe an occasional trim once in a while to keep it looking tidy. A couple of minutes every day can add up to hours in a week or even more in a month. It’s all precious time you can spend doing something fun and actually enjoyable.

 1. Beards Save Time | 6 Ways Growing A Beard Can Change Your Life | Brain Berries

2. Beards Mean No More Bumps

Everyone knows that shaving can cause a lot of ingrown hairs, but if you’re growing out your beard you don’t have that problem. No more shaving means there’s no more irritation. Your hairs aren’t going to be trapped in painful bumps under your skin, instead, they will be freely and proudly showcased in a glorious beard. Your skin will also be naturally more moisturized and you can save money on moisturizer since now you only have to use it around your eyes and forehead.

3. Beards Keep You Warm

Beards can be pretty handy during the colder months. It might seem like it’s just hair and it can’t possibly replace an actual scarf, but have you ever tried cutting your hair super short and feeling cold because of it? Yeah, beards work the same way. There’s a reason women feel more comfortable without hats when it’s colder, it’s because hair keeps you warm. In fact, there’s been a study done and beards keep the face 1 degree warmer, which is actually a lot when it’s freezing outside in the winter.

 3. Beards Keep You Warm | 6 Ways Growing A Beard Can Change Your Life | Brain Berries

4. Beard Protect Your Skin

Beards are actually quite effective in protecting your skin from the sun. It’s like a natural sunscreen. Which means that the skin under it will never get a sunburn. There’s also evidence that since beards protect you from the sun you are way less likely to get skin cancer on your face. Those spots men get on their face with age, yeah that pigmentation is also caused by the sun and you can avoid it if you sprout a beard.

 4. Beard Protect Your Skin | 6 Ways Growing A Beard Can Change Your Life | Brain Berries

5. Beards Keep You Young

Since a beard keeps the sun away and keeps your skin from frostbite in the winter, it means it can protect your face year-round. People with facial hair also tend to have better skin under it, because their beards are like a protective layer over their skin that keeps it from drying out and getting sun damage. Have you ever noticed that men that prefer beards look like babies when they shave? That’s because they don’t have wrinkles and skin damage.

 5. Beards Keep You Young | 6 Ways Growing A Beard Can Change Your Life | Brain Berries

6. Beards Make You Confident

A beard is also a great tool when it comes to confidence and style. Guys can change the shape of their face, hide a weak chin or make their jawline appear to be stronger with a beard. Men can also hide their insecurities like acne scars or a stubborn double chin under their beard, all while looking hella manly and like a true modern-day Viking.

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