9 Best Careers for Romantic Women


Many of us are natural romantics, but it’s not always so easy to convert that into a job. Instead, we sit around at our office jobs, daydreaming about love and all the magic that comes with it. Luckily, romance is built into some jobs, so you can keep that warm and fuzzy feeling going all day long. Here are the ideal career choices for romantic women.

1. Wedding planner

Who else is having some early 2000s J.Lo nostalgia? Planning a wedding is hard work (location, dresses, and decor are just part of this behemoth task), but it’s also the dream of many little girls around the world. Whether you’re practicing for your own big day or just want to help people accomplish theirs, wedding planning is hard work with the ultimate pay-off, both emotionally and financially!

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women | Her Beauty

2. Florist

Imagine this for a day of work: you walk in to a room filled with gorgeous bouquets, as your nostrils are intoxicated with floral aromas and sweet nectar. Individuals often buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, or as a romantic gesture at birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, you can’t forget the epic floral arrangements at weddings, which can also earn you a high amount. You can customize different boutiques just for the recipient. If you think about it, flowers are a non-verbal way of saying “I Love You.”

3. Matchmaker

Reality TV has managed to make a mockery of this, but when you have a true sense of compatibility between people, it’s a talent that’s not to be ignored. Matchmakers have been setting people up for centuries, and much of the time, with success. Lots of happy marriages and families can be accredited to matchmakers, and you could be one! With the right skills and sense of intuition ( a large network is also necessary) you can make dreams come true and earn big, especially in cities like LA or NYC.

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4. Sommelier

When romance is in the air, so is some good wine, most of the time! When you see couples gazing at each other in a restaurant, what makes them swoon even faster? A bottle of wine of course. Whether your desire is Pinot or Cabernet, a sommelier helps drinkers find the perfect wine for them. Certification can vary from beginner to master, and usually involves some keen senses, grape knowledge, and pairing techniques. Watch people fall in love over a late-night dinner as you pour them another glass.

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women #4 | Her Beauty

5. Chocolatier

Let’s face it: chocolate is one of the most romantic edible things ever. It’s the backbone of courtships and love stories. It’s sweet and melts in your mouth, just like the name of your beloved. Chocolate is also a known aphrodisiac, so there’s that. Not only do chocolatiers get to work with romantic desserts, molds, and designs, but they often get to custom-make creations for lovebirds.

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women #5 | Her Beauty

6. Relationship counselor

Whether you’re a marriage counselor or a relationship coach, this job is to literally keep the romance alive in relationships. Although moments can make you lose hope in love, there’s nothing like mending a broken union or watching two souls find their way back to each other. It may have some dark moments, but you’ll get to see the glimmer that originally brought couples together, and that’s no small feat.

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women #6 | Her Beauty

7. Portrait/special event photographer

It’s not uncommon for portrait and event photographers to capture emotional milestone moments. Think births, weddings, anniversaries and engagement parties. A portrait photographer can capture the small and romantic moments – those fleeting ones that make your heart melt and give you eternal hope in true love and happiness.

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women #7 | Her Beauty

8. Wedding officiant

If you love being around weddings and are a believer in love but don’t want the headache that comes with planning an entire wedding, consider becoming a wedding officiant. You get to be the reason of happiness for many couples, merging their union in either a courthouse or an extravagant event. Training is easy and can usually be found online. No matter what religion (or lack of) you believe in, you can easily become an officiant. All you need to believe in is love!

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women #8 | Her Beauty

9. Interior Designer

Now, interior design is not romantic in the typical definition of the word, but a house can definitely carry a romantic energy. A room can seduce you just like a partner, which is why getting the mood right is so important. When a home or space has the right interior design in it, it can make your heart skip a bit and indulge in your creative side. Consider designing for newlyweds or people who have just moved in together.

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