Donald and Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19


In an unexpected but not really surprising turn of events, we all found out that the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, and the First Lady, Melania Trump, have both tested positive for COVID-19. Trump obviously posted about it on Twitter and said that he and his wife will now begin their quarantine and recovery and they will get through this together. But it’s not that simple, is it?

Trump’s physician did say in his memo that Donald plans to stay at the White House and this shouldn’t really stop him from carrying out his duties as the President, but he also mentioned that they will keep a vigilant watch on him. Why? Well think about it, he’s 74, he’s overweight and he’s got quite a stressful job, even if he’s bad at doing it. All this puts him in the category of high-risk for COVID-19 complications.

Donald and Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 | Brain Berries

Even if he does get through this relatively unscathed, what will this mean for America? Will he start pushing his idea of how COVID-19 isn’t really serious and not a big deal even more than he is now? We’ve seen him show all signs of negligence when it comes to quarantine measures before. Trump doesn’t care for wearing masks, he’s joked about drinking bleach as a way to cure it, and he’s all about lifting any kind of quarantine. This type of mentality is dangerous and has already been a huge contributing factor to the deaths of over 200K of Americans. If he actually recovers without complications and doubles down on his ridiculous views it will only get worse.

Trump’s positive COVID-19 test also raises the question of who else he could’ve infected with it. We’re not even talking about immediate family and friends, think about all the government officials he has been in contact with. The biggest question, however, is – has he gotten his opponent in the presidential elections, Joe Biden, sick?

Donald and Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 #3 | Brain Berries

You’ve probably seen that circus of a debate or at least saw snippets of it online. Trump kept talking over people, saying vague and ridiculous things and breaking the rules of the debate left and right. As CNN’s host Jake Tapper eloquently put it “It was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck. That was the worst debate I have ever seen, in fact, it wasn’t even a debate. It was a disgrace.” And now we know that it also means that with every stupid thing that came out of Trump’s mouth at the debate, also came COVID-19.

Donald and Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 #4 | Brain Berries

Biden is currently being tested for COVID-19 now, but the results aren’t known yet. America is understandably worried. Joe Biden is even older than Trump, he’s 77 and about to turn 78 in November, so he’s also in the high-risk category.

Donald and Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 #5 | Brain Berries

In the meantime, people online are freaking out and dealing with it the only way they know how – Tweeting. Trump haters are already creating topical memes and suggesting he tries injecting bleach to cure himself, while Trump supporters are sending out weird prayers to “God and Angels” through Twitter to save the old orange man. It’s all a mess, there’s really nothing to add, we can just sit back and observe this dumpster fire. And that’s in 2020.


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