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VDO.AI Network Description

Premium Native Video Platform

We get the top advertisers to bid for your inventory via our properitory supply side platform which is integrated with all leading demand sources.

Our placement have high user engagement and viewability, delivering the highest performance per impression for our publishers.

Our solutions enables publishers to engage and monetize users across Desktop, mobile web and in-app environments.

Our streaming infrastructure serves petabytes of rich media content and all the reports and analytics are tracked and provided in real-time.

We have dedicated account managers for our publishers. Our teams work closely with you right from the implementation to optimization. We are available round the clock to answer any queries you might have.

We understand that every publisher is unique and hence we make sure the best practices are followed to ensure the maximum performance.

VDO.AI Network Details
Commission Type:Native Video
Minimum Payment:$ 50
Payment Frequency:Net 30
Payment Method:Paypal
ContactEmail:hitesh@vdo.ai  Skype: hitesh_389
Email: lovekapoor@vdo.ai mobile: +919654173363
skype: lovekapoor_1
Email: sanchitasingh@vdo.ai Skype: sanchita_52
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