Weird Things People Found On The Beach


A trip to the beach is probably one of the most relaxing things most people can do. It’s often an adventure in itself, but some people have spent their walks on the beach in a state of disbelief as they found some of the weirdest things you probably shouldn’t expect to find there.


In case you still think I’m talking about a huge amount of trash or an above-average amount of clams, let’s take a look at some practical examples that would probably make your beach trip just that much special if you ran into them.



A Tiny Coca Cola Bottle
How not-thirsty are you if this size is sufficient to sustain and hydrate you? That looks like it’s barely the size of a Jagermeister shot.

A Blown-Up Pufferfish
This guy looks like he blew himself up and then swallowed a balloon that also got blown up.

Huge Lego Guy
Imagine the pain of stepping on a regular Lego, now imagine the pain this guy can inflict. He’s basically the toy version of Chuck Norris.

Crab/Clam Construction
I’m honestly not sure if all of this is crabs, but I can at least see quite a few of them here. They seem to have piled up on a glass container, but it’s a crab town now.

Rubber Duckies
And they’re even wearing sunglasses. Talk about having a relaxing swim in the ocean, right?

Jellyfish Invasion
If this was any other lifeform, mankind would probably be in dire straits. Thankfully, it’s just a bunch of relatively harmless jellyfish.



A Stone Seahorse
I have no idea how this even happens or what this is.



A Piano
This was apparently a prank gone wrong, but yeah, there you go. A piano was put on a small island and people were baffled because of it.

Alien Fish
This is probably a fish that didn’t really get the beauty prize when evolution came along, but holy heck will the sight of that thing give you nightmares or what?



Egg Capsules
This might look amazing, but we have no idea which life form is hatching on our shores here. At least we knew the jellyfish weren’t a threat.

A Clam Girl
Seriously, this could be a Batman villain and no one would mind. So a bunch of clams decided that the face of a statue was the perfect place to make a home, leading to this.



Clammy Jack Daniels
Don’t pretend you didn’t recognize that bottle shape, we both know better! Apparently even clams like a good whisky every once in a while.



Orb of Clams
Those clams really get in everywhere, don’t they? This almost looks like a 3D representation of a geographically weird planet.

Piano Stack
I mean, my respect to whoever did this. I have difficulties stacking five dominoes on top of each other without toppling the entire thing, but someone apparently stacked seven pianos on top of each other. At the beach!



A Torpedo
Why are you taking pictures of something that explodes? Just run! Oh, you people. This is why we are not a species that’s made to last.


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