What Is Depression And How To Deal With It


Depression is a mental health disorder that millions deal with all over the word. At least one in three people have experienced a depressive episode. Whether it’s clinical, brought on by the weather, or a tough time in life, there are many ways to deal with depression. The one thing you shouldn’t do? Ignore it. Here’s our best tips for busting depression.

So what exactly is depression and how can you tell if you have it? When you’re depressed, a feeling of extreme sadness doesn’t dissipate in the way that it normally does. You might be depressed if you experience a loss of interest in previously enjoyable things, you feel sad all the time or emotionally exhausted, and find it hard to get motivated.

Physical syphons may include physical exhaustion, insomnia, loss of interest in intimacy, and loss of appetite as well as weight loss.

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No one is positive on what exactly causes depression, although genetics definitely play a role and depression runs in many families just like other mood disorders. Stressful life events like the passing of a loved one, break-ups or depression, financial difficulties or retirement can cause these issues. Depression can also be caused by different medications, birth control pills, diabetes, or other substances.

There are many different solutions to dealing with depression, and many methods are often combined with each others. The main options are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT, antidepressant medication, micro-dosing, and different coping strategies.

This can include a range of exercises. Try to set goals for daily activity, making a list of all the activities you will engage in throughout the day. Increase time for whatever activities you find enjoyable, such as working out which can increase endorphins. Reward yourself for completing small tasks and things that require effort. It’s like learning to walk again. Break down hard tasks into easier tasks, taking your time.

Try caring for or spending time with a pet if adopting one is too daunting a task for your energy level. Pets are amazingly intuitive when it comes to human sadness and can help make you feel less isolated through joy and companionship. They also provide a sense of being needed.

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Antidepressant medication is often used in severely depressed patients but is not recommended as the first course of treatment for those experiencing mild or moderate depression.

Try to implement a few of these things in your day-to-day schedule, which are great coping tools for depressive episodes. Play with an animal, take a hot bath, list your favorite things about yourself, or watch a funny movie.

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You can also incorporate diet changes to fight depression, such as boosting B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, reducing processed carbs and sugar, and not skipping meals. 

Most important of all is having a support network of loves ones, which can be friends, family or a support group (online or in person).

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When you’re depressed, you may have suicidal thoughts or a desire to harm yourself. Aways reach out to a loved one, trusted elder, or call a local suicide hotline if you have any of these feelings. Remember that depression is never a sign of weakness. It’s a common illness with many effective treatment options, even though the recurrence rate is high.

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