10 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Totally Wrong


Not all skincare routines are built the same. They all have different pros and cons, but finding the right one for your specific skin type can be a headache. We all use the wrong products for our skin type, and you might even be doing so right now! If your skin has ever reacted to products, this alone is a red flag. Here are some other important skincare warning signs to recognize.

10 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Totally Wrong | Her Beauty

1. Peeling/dry skin

No, this isn’t all the bad stuff peeling off. It’s drying out your skin too much! This means maybe stop using all acid-based products and stick to a more gentle formula. When skin is already dry or suffering from a pre-existing condition, these products harshly strip down skin. This can also occur if you over-exfoliate, or use an exfoliant that’s too strong.

2. Acne

Unless you’ve been prone to breakouts your whole life, acne might mean a negative reaction to products in your arsenal. If you’ve just switched product lines the adjusting period can show some side effects, but usually if your skin is normally clear but has bumps all over, you need to text and evaluate each product one at a time to discover the root of the problem.

10 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Totally Wrong #2 | Her Beauty

3. Overly oily skin

If your skin type isn’t naturally oily, a product might be altering the surface of your skin. Oil is actually a protective barrier, but certain formulas can strip it down. When your skin comes into contact with experience, oil glands begin to rapidly produce more oil to compensate for the dryness, which causes acne, oil, and other disasters. Avoid greasy formulas and keep it lightweight but hydrating.

4. Rashes

Allergic reactions and a bevy of other things can cause rashes, but your skincare routine might be causing it as well. Your skin might be allergic to an inactive ingredient in a cleanser or cream, which is quite common. An allergy patch at a dermatologist should be able to solve the problem quickly. Try to find hypoallergenic products if you can.

5. Hives

Hives are almost worse than pimples sometimes, especially if you just can’t seem to stop scratching them! If your body is not reacting well to ingredients in your skincare routine, hives will pop up to let you know as a warning. They appear like red welts and even though you’re not necessarily using the wrong product for your specific concern, you’ll have to stop using it because of some unrecognizable allergen.

6. A stinging feeling

Do you ever feel a burning sensation or a stinging on your face? We’ve been told time after time at facials that tingles mean it’s working, and beauty equals pain. But sometimes that tingle is our skin telling us: back off! This is your skin trying to send you a message that it’s too delicate for whatever you’re doing, and to give it some space. Tingles should last moments rather than minutes.

10 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Totally Wrong #4 | Her Beauty

7. A tight feeling on skin

Tightness doesn’t mean that your skin just magically got Botox or a face lift. That frustrating and uncomfortable tight feeling can indicate the wrong cleanser, which often strips the face of natural oils. This causes our face to feel dehydrated, dry, and irritated. The solution? Look for products that are instead pH balanced.

8. Spots? Switch sunscreen

If you find that brown and aging spots are presenting themselves even though you’re regularly putting on SPF protection, we suggest switching to another sunscreen formula all together, as the current one probably isn’t providing the broad spectrum protection your body needs. Formulas should also include zinc oxide, and go with only 30 SPF and above.

10 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Totally Wrong #5 | Her Beauty

9. Not using the right amounts

All of these side effects could be coming your way because you’re not using products in the right manner, and the right amounts. Ingredients such as retinol should be applied in the size of a pea – anything else will dry out skin. The way you layer products is also essential. It should be: cleanse, tone, serum, spot treat, moisturizer. Sunscreen should always be applied last.

10. Tiny white or red bumps that aren’t acne

Unfortunately, pimples aren’t the only bumps that an improper skin routine can cause. It could mean a sensitive or allergic reaction to what you’re using, but is also a potential sign that whatever products you’re using is too high in mineral oil. Start from scratch and apply a detoxifying charcoal mask to ditch those bumps.

10 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Totally Wrong #6 | Her Beauty
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