British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List”


It’s no secret that Hollywood has a habit of capitalizing on whichever actors and actresses are most important at a certain time. You see them in seventeen movies each year because they know they’ll draw a nice crowd to theaters and this pretty much the movie will at least break even financially.

There’s been a recent trend where this “it list” has been more and more invaded by the British. Much like they did European waters in the 16th century, it seems like Britannia seems to rule Hollywood with no real competition. Let’s take a look at some of Hollywood’s most liked foreign invaders in recent years.

Henry Cavill

He’s Superman, the Witcher and that one guy from the last “Mission Impossible” movie where I can’t remember if he turned out to be good or bad. If that’s not a resume that inspires people, I don’t know what is.

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” | Brain Berries

Kit Harington

While he knew nothing as Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones,” he’s now spreading his wings and taking on a lot of blockbuster movie roles. If one or two of them turns out successful, don’t be surprised if this guy’s career will only get bigger and bigger over the next decade.

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” #2 | Brain Berries

Tom Hiddleston

One of the many British Toms that will be on this list, Tom Hiddleston stole all our hearts as the most likeable villain of the MCU, Loki. They even liked the character so much he’s getting his own show on Disney+. He hasn’t been doing too much apart from being Loki, aside from a part in “Kong: Skull Island,” but once his deal with Marvel is done I’m sure we’ll be seeing him pop up everywhere.

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” #3 | Brain Berries

Eddie Redmayne

This guy won an Oscar for his role as Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything” and is now currently mostly known as Newt Scamander of “Fantastic Beasts.” He’s got no real big projects on the horizon at the moment, but the last “Fantastic Beasts movie is pretty much guaranteed to be a huge success.

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” #4 | Brain Berries

Robert Pattinson

After having been cast aside as “the guy from Twilight”, Robert has been working his way back up in Hollywood. He took a risk in mainly focusing on more artistic movies where he could show off his actual acting chops, and he’s now going to be the next Batman. And as we all know, superhero movies are pretty much the pinnacle of acting careers these days.

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” #5 | Brain Berries

Tom Holland

While being Spider-Man is already a pretty big deal (not to mention: the best Spider-Man), Tom Holland is currently filming the “Uncharted movie,” to play the infamous treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Video game movies usually aren’t the best, but let’s be hopeful.

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” #6 | Brain Berries

Tom Hardy

Is there anything this guy isn’t getting a role in? With seemingly endless range as an actor, Tom Hardy is probably most known with general audiences for his role as Bane in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. But let’s not forget he also did that thing in “Peaky Blinders,” among others.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Ever since knocking it out the park in “12 Years a Slave,” Chiwetel has been getting parts pretty much everywhere. He’s mostly known as Baron Mordo in “Dr. Strange,” but he also starred in “Maleficent,” voiced Scar in the “Lion King” remake, had a role in “The Martian”and starred in the very underrated “Triple 9.”

 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s “It List” #8 | Brain Berries

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