Non-traditional Jobs For Men

 There’s a lot of things going on in the world, where society is actively breaking down barriers between genders. We’ve come to realize that more and more people don’t fit into the binary system of male and female, but there are a few areas of life where we haven’t even achieved true equality between men and women. The biggest one would be the work field.

I’m not even talking about wage gaps here, this is about jobs that are still associated with a certain gender. And since we’re all about breaking barriers, let’s take a look at some of the jobs you could do as a man that are typically associated with women.


Admit it, you at least know someone who would say “doctor” when confronted with a male nurse. It’s a caring job, which makes it more traditionally associated with women, but there’s no harm in men trying to help their fellow citizens. Especially not now, in COVID times.


Teachers are usually female for some reason. I guess it’s because men are less inclined to want to work with kids, which is why they often go work in a business so they can deal with adult children. But education is important for our society, so there’s no reason why a man couldn’t add something unique to that.

Male teacher standing before students (8-10) with hands raised


This has somewhat changed with the rise of barbershops, but it wasn’t too long ago when it was pretty much speculated that every male hairdresser was secretly queer. Not only have barbershops made hairdressing more traditional for men, they also made men care about their haircut. Oh, how the times have changed.


Librarians in movies and tv shows are almost always women, which is why we associate librarians with that gender. Because let’s be honest, we visit libraries so sporadically that we aren’t going to form our image of librarians in there, now are we? 

Event Planner

Event planners are usually women because the biggest event that needs planning would be a wedding. It’s often implied that men care less about weddings, which adds to the idea that women would make for better wedding or event planners. Some of the best wedding and event planners in the world are men though, which I guess means that you don’t need to care too much to plan a proper event. You need to care just enough.


While I’m sure there aren’t too many people that dream of one day becoming a cashier, it’s still a job that’s primarily associated with women. Having a cute and friendly face helps in a retail environment, and there aren’t just many men with friendly faces, I suppose.

Flight Attendant

While this trend seems to be picking up in Japan, male flight attendants are still a very rare sight to behold. Let’s hope the coming years can do something about that and we’ll see more of the men making sure everyone flies safely and comfortably!


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