6 Best Black ’90s Sitcoms

 The 90’s was a great decade for black actors, and many of the best black sitcoms were birthed during this era. In retrospect, the 90’s represent an iconic time for black actors in television and cinema, but many got their start on sitcoms. Some went on to extend their acting career into successful stints in film, while others continued on in television. There are so many amazing black sitcoms from the 90’s, but some have been etched into our memory. These stellar shows with now star-studded casts have become classics in the concept of black television. To learn more about these wonderful shows, check out the 6 best black 90’s sitcoms. 

Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has become an iconic sitcom from the 90’s. It is standard in its approach to comedy; but what made this show so loveable was its duality in being both entertaining and meaningful. While the cast is making us laugh, they are also teaching us life lessons and showing us how to navigate the many relatable challenges the characters faced through out the show. 


A fun-loving, joke-cracking DJ named Martin stole the hearts of many when Martin debuted in the 90’s. Named for legendary actor Martin Lawrence who plays the lead role, Martin was an amazingly funny show that gave Lawrence a chance to show off his acting skills by playing several different characters through the show’s stint. The main storyline follows his relationship with Gina, played by Tisha Campbell. The show was not only funny, but a beautiful representation of black love and relationships. 

A Different World

This iconic show is in a league of its own, as one of the few depictions of life at an HBCU in the 90’s. Set at the fictional Hillman College, the show follows the lives and relationships of several black college students, and gives an eye-opening and entertaining portrayal of HBCU and black culture. 

The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show has become one of the most-watched, most popular black television shows of all time. The show centered around the Cosby family, a big, loveable, crew that was what many looked up to as the family structure to strive towards in that era. Another great comedian of his time, Bill Cosby starred in this show and continued to entertain us all with his own special brand of humor. It is still loved and celebrated as one of the best black sitcoms ever created. 

The Wayans Bros.

Following the fictional lives of characters (and actors)  Marlon and Shawn Wayans, the Wayan Bros. was another black sitcom that is bingeworthy. The two brothers entertained us and taught us about the hard times of making it in Harlem. Even after a decade of being off air, the show still remains popular today. The Wayans Bros. is another production under the belt of the multi-talented Wayans family, who have mastered writing, directing and producing their own shows and films for decades. 

Living Single

Another classic black sitcom of the 90’s, Living Single was the quintessential depiction of what a really good friend group looks like when they are all  living in close quarters, intermingling with various types of relationships, working alongside each other and being complete successes in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. Several actors from this show, including Queen Latifah, went on to have successful careers in film. Living Single may have only run for five seasons, but its impact on black culture and artistry will last a lifetime.

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