Amazing Photographs From The Pilot's Cockpit

 Do you like flying? I bet you do! Have you at any point seen anything odd while not yet decided? I don't mean UFOs (albeit that would be cool), yet rather extraordinary climate wonders, inquisitive looking mists and so forth Picture taker Santiago Borja Lopez has figure out how to catch the absolute most stunning cloud developments directly from his cockpit. Santiago is a pilot working for Ecuador Aircrafts, and each time he is off the clock, he whips out his trusty camera to catch the most stunning sights that the sky has to bring to the table. From huge and feathery to blustery mists – this current person's Instagram has them all! 

We should take a gander at a portion of his best shots, will we?

1. A cumulonimbus cloud over the Pacific Ocean, at 37,000 feet en route to South America.

2. Stupendous lightning strikes again and again.


3. A storm brewing over the Panama city.

4. Spectacular night flashes above the Atlantic Ocean.



5. Gorgeous starry sky.

6. Nature doing what it’s best at – magic!

7. Colombian Amazonia sky looks fantastic.


8. Tormenta, Coast Of Venezuela, South America.

9. A great shot of the stormy clouds at 2,900 meteres above the surface In Quito, Ecuador.



10. A Sunday morning over Colombian Amazonia.

11. Is that a nuclear explosion in the sky over the Colombian rainforest? Nope, just regular ol’ mushroom clouds.

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