7 Entertainers That Played Their Own Twin Kin

 Planning for a job in a film isn't generally something simple to do. You need to become familiar with your character's idiosyncrasies, inspirations and desires. And afterward there's those horrible lines another person composed that you need to recollect. 

Things truly get siphoned up a score on the off chance that you need to assume various parts in a similar film, however. Like when entertainers need to play their own twin. How about we investigate a few entertainers in realistic history that made it work. Lindsay Lohan – The Parent Trap (1998) Similar as the first film where Hayley Factories did the comparable thing, Lindsay Lohan played the two twins in this story. While it wasn't a thing new when Lindsay Lohan enough did it, the first film, thinking back to the 60s was really one of the first to utilize the twofold openness procedure on a major scale.

Jeremy Irons – Dead Ringers (1988)

If you can’t get enough of Jeremy Irons, this is the perfect movie for you. While Jeremy played two twins that actually stood in for each other both professionally and romantically, he made it ridiculously hard on himself by developing different postures and voice modulations for both halves of the twin.

Jeremy Irons - Dead Ringers | 7 Actors That Played Their Own Twin Sibling | Zestradar

Jackie Chan – Twin Dragons (1992)

Even Jackie Chan couldn’t resist playing his own sibling. This thing was really popular in the late 80’s, early 90’s, and so was Jackie himself. If it sounds like a match made in heaven – it isn’t. The movie effects are so badly done both Jackie Chans occasionally literally move through each other.

Jackie Chan - Twin Dragons | 7 Actors That Played Their Own Twin Sibling | Zestradar

Nicolas Cage – Adaptation (2002)

As you can tell by the date this movie was made, it was kind of too late to jump on the “look, our actor is playing siblings!” bandwagon. Thankfully, it had Spike Jonze tied to it, so it wasn’t that bad a movie at all. Nic Cage got credited for it twice, once as each brother, which is a pretty nice touch.

Nicolas Cage - Adaptation | 7 Actors That Played Their Own Twin Sibling | Zestradar

Jean-Claude Van Damme – Double Impact (1991)

JCVD isn’t a stranger when it comes to playing both roles in a movie, mostly because his movies require very little actual acting ability and a lot of martial arts prowess. While he mostly plays opposite himself, he did play as twin brothers in Double Impact.

Jean-Claude Van Damme - Double Impact | 7 Actors That Played Their Own Twin Sibling | Zestradar

Christian Bale – The Prestige (2006)

Almost a decade too late to the trend, this Nolan masterpiece has one of the best method actors of his generation play identical twins. Naturally, the fact that they’re twins and not just one really good magician is part of the plot twist, so you’ll only start appreciating the subtle differences in Bale’s performance on subsequent views.

Christian Bale - The Prestige | 7 Actors That Played Their Own Twin Sibling | Zestradar

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Man In The Iron Mask (1998)

It’s not the best Leo movie – in fact, it might be one of his worst – but he does play twins in this. He plays Louis XIV and his imprisoned brother Philippe in this movie, but we should probably mention that he won a Razzie for Worst Screen Couple after doing this movie. So, yeah.

Leonardo DiCaprio - THe Man In The Iron Mask  | 7 Actors That Played Their Own Twin Sibling | Zestradar

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