Superfoods That You Shouldn't Eat A lot Of

Each diet these days appears to spin around the purported superfoods – food that is so loaded up with supplements and dazzling things that they're by and large viewed as a gigantic shelter to your wellbeing. However, this planet wouldn't be what it is if even superfoods arrived at a point where they got perilous however. 

How about we investigate some superfoods you ought to just eat with some restraint. That is to say, it's presumably fine in the event that you don't get carried away with it, yet view yourself as cautioned in any case. 

Salmon is really a blood more slender and lifts mercury levels in your blood. So notwithstanding salmon being perhaps the best hotspot for protein, it's not completely without hazard. Furthermore, in case you're eating cultivated salmon rather than wild salmon, you really run a greater danger of heftiness in light of the terrible nature of the ranch water.
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While homemade hummus is perfectly fine, the store-bought version can contribute to various illnesses you don’t really want, as they usually pop ingredients in there that aren’t really that good for your body. Think sodium and preservatives, for example.

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You were hoping this wouldn’t be on the list, would you? But we all kind of knew this was coming – the only thing avocado doesn’t have going for it is its high fat count. Eating a lot of avocado will therefore increase fat buildup in your body.
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Much like the afore-mentioned salmon, tuna is high in mercury. Having too much mercury in your blood can cause vision loss, tremors and even memory loss in some occasions. Imagine eating so much tuna you forget how wonderful it tastes!

Broccoli can irritate your bowels if you eat enough of it. Basically, you’ll be farting a lot, which is more awkward than it is unhealthy. And if you’re taking heart medication, it can also have negative effects because broccoli is full of vitamin K.
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Green Tea

A great source of antioxidants, green tea also has an obvious downside: it’s filled with caffeine. As any coffee drinker will tell you, too much caffeine will cause insomnia, palpitations, headaches and a bunch of other things you could really do without. You can still have about 4 cups a day of green tea though, so no reason to really worry.

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If you care about your liver, you should probably stick to about a tablespoon of cinnamon per day. In higher doses it can be toxic and harm your liver. The most important part here is that the coumarin in the cinnamon causes the liver damage and not all kinds of cinnamon have the same coumarin amounts, so you may be able to push this slightly over that tablespoon if you compare labels.
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